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Criminal Defense

Skilled Trial Lawyers Fighting to Protect Your Rights

When faced with something as life-altering as a criminal charge, there is no room for delay or error. The sooner you contact an experienced and well-respected criminal defense attorney, the faster your defense can begin to be built. From the very beginning, there are several steps that can be taken towards shielding your rights and working towards your best interests. The law can appear daunting, overly complex and seemingly impossible to overcome, but with the proper help, this is just not true.

Former Prosecutors and Certified by the NJ Supreme Court as Criminal Trial Attorneys

The partners of the Bianchi Law Group are both former prosecutors who have handled the investigations and prosecutions of crimes in New Jersey and are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys, an elite group comprised of only 250 attorneys out of the approximately 93,000 attorneys practicing in the State of New Jersey. Furthermore, Mr. Bianchi is the only practicing criminal defense attorney who is both a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney and former head County Prosecutor (the chief law enforcement officer of a county). This is an important distinction that only Mr. Bianchi enjoys in the entire State of New Jersey. Now, as criminal defense attorneys in private practice, The Bianchi Law Group handles criminal defense cases at both federal and state level.

It Simply Comes Down to Freedom

You do not have to face something of this magnitude alone. By putting your case in the capable hands of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you are giving yourself the best advantage for a successful resolution. With an aggressive and tactical defense approach from the start, you can trust that you are being guided through the process with absolute competency. Retaining a criminal defense attorney that is skilled, aggressive, well respected, and experienced (as both a prosecutor and defense attorney) is of paramount importance to your case, and for your peace of mind.

Trial Ready New Jersey Criminal Defense Lawyers

When you’ve been accused of a crime, the stakes are high. They can include heavy fines, imprisonment and, in federal court and some states, even the death penalty. A criminal charge can cause your life to spiral out of control.

It’s important to understand that no criminal defense lawyer can promise you an acquittal or a favorable plea bargain at the beginning of a case. Making such guarantees is impossible and unethical. At the Bianchi Law Group, we use our skill, knowledge, experience, and reputation to place you in a position where hopefully favorable results will follow.

We are not intimidated by the police or prosecutors handling your matter. We will investigate your case to the fullest and find any and all flaws in the State’s theories. We will attack your case from the beginning, request evidence, prepare witness testimony and, if necessary, arrange expert testimony on your behalf. We understand how the criminal justice system works and how to best prepare your for the best resolution. This comes from our experiences as former prosecutors and with Mr. Bianchi’s knowledge and experience as head county prosecutor – a distinction of significant merit that very few Criminal Defense attorneys possess. In addition, Mr. Bruno is a former Assistant Prosecutor who has worked on every type of criminal investigation from homicide and fraud cases to drug cases, and every kind of criminal case in-between.

Certainly, cases are often resolved during negotiations with the prosecutor, prior to stepping foot in the courtroom. Plea negotiations are where the skill of your attorney will truly come into play. The Bianchi Law Group is comprised of lawyers who will be your champion in these negotiations and make sure your rights are defended and your interests ultimately represented.

Hiring the best attorney to handle your criminal defense case is the single most important decision you can make and will affect the remainder of your life. The attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group are seasoned trial attorneys, with extraordinary skills that have been developed as former prosecutors and many years of actual courtroom trial experience. As every effort is made to achieve your desired results, you can be confident that your future is in completely trustworthy hands. And then, regardless of the outcome, you will be secure in knowing that you had the best team available to you to get the most they could in your favor.

Types of Crimes the Bianchi Law Group Handle:

Among many other types of crimes and offenses, the Bianchi Law Group represents clients charged throughout the State of New Jersey who were charged with:

If you are charged with a crime, as an adult or as a juvenile, in the State Superior Court, the Federal District Court or in one of the Municipal Courts, call the Bianchi Law Group at 862-210-8570 for a consultation before you make any decisions about how to defend yourself.

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