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Municipal Court

Municipal Court Offenses are Considered “Quasi Criminal.”

Municipal court matters range from traffic and motor vehicle tickets to “offenses,” which are defined in our Criminal Code. Offenses in Municipal Court can carry serious consequences such as heavy fines, DMV points, insurance surcharges, possible license loss, license suspension, and possible jail sentences.  Hence, while they are only considered “offenses” in New Jersey (as opposed to crimes/felonies), they are afforded the same protections as a criminal matter is.  This means that there is a presumption of innocence and the state must prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  It also entitles the defendant other constitutional protections afforded to persons charged with crimes.

The partners of the Bianchi Law Group are both former prosecutors and are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys, an elite group comprised of only 250 attorneys in the State of New Jersey. Furthermore, Mr. Bianchi is the only practicing municipal court attorney who is both a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney and a former head County Prosecutor that now handles defense cases.

As former prosecutors, we know how the police operate, how investigations are conducted, and how to best defend against complaints and tickets filed against our clients. As prosecutors, the partners at The Bianchi Law Group had supervisory authority over every municipal police department and know the procedures, training, and manner with which the police are trained to operate. This intimate and unique knowledge, combined with our trial skills in cases ranging from homicides to traffic tickets enables the attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group the ability to deliver excellent representation to our municipal court clients.

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Mr. Bianchi who himself was the head county prosecutor- a distinction of significant merit that very few Criminal Defense and municipal court defense attorneys possess. Mr. Bruno as a former Assistant Prosecutor has worked every kind of criminal investigation from homicide cases, fraud cases, to drug cases, and every kind of criminal case in-between. His knowledge of municipal court matters is extensive and far reaching. Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Bruno are only 2 of 250 attorneys certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as certified criminal trial attorneys.

Trial-Ready Municipal Court Attorneys

The attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group are not intimidated or confused by how the police or prosecutors handle prosecutions. We will investigate your case to the fullest and find any and all flaws in the State’s theories. We will attack your case from the beginning, request evidence, prepare witness testimony and, if necessary, arrange expert testimony on your behalf. We understand how the criminal justice system works and how to best prepare your for the best resolution.

Nevertheless, cases are often resolved during negotiations with the prosecutor, prior to actually going to trial. Plea negotiations is where our skills truly come into play. The Bianchi Law Group is comprised of lawyers who will be your champion in these negotiations and make sure your rights are defended and your interests ultimately represented.

Make the Right Decision to Hire a Skilled Attorney

Hiring the best attorney to handle your case is the single most important decision you can make when seeking to defend yourself in New Jersey Municipal Court.

The lasting effects of a conviction in municipal court for an offense or traffic ticket can have far-reaching impact upon you. That is why giving yourself the best possible defense is imperative.

The attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group are seasoned trial attorneys, with extraordinary skills that have been developed as former prosecutors and many years of actual courtroom trial experience. As we work towards protecting your best interests, you will find that having The Bianchi Law Group’s attorneys on your side with their experience and intimate knowledge of the law will be of immeasurable in value to you.

As every effort is made to achieve your desired results, you can be confident that your future is in completely trustworthy hands. And then, regardless of the outcome, you will be secure in knowing that you had the best team available to you to get the most they could in your favor.

If you need a municipal court lawyer that you can trust, please contact The Bianchi Law Group, LLC., at 862-210-8570 for a consultation before you make any decisions about how to defend yourself.

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