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Prosecutor’s Perspective

Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Bruno have tremendous experience and excellent reputations as criminal law practitioners. Their opinions on legal matters are coveted by those that wish to educate themselves in the art of criminal trial practice and the criminal justice system.  This is why they are often asked to lecture to other attorneys, community groups, education establishments, and are often used as “go to” authoritative sources with the national TV media, print media, and scholarly publications.

They regularly appear as legal analysts to media groups ranging from national TV media outlets such as Fox News to local TV and print media. We are very proud that we are recognized as experts worthy of commentary to these media platforms.

The Bianchi Law Group’s Community Affairs Outreach Program on “Prosecutor’s Perspective” is often in demand with:

  • Multiple media outlets that need explanation and context into the criminal justice system, and prosecutors in particular, as few have the experiences at the highest policy making levels as Mr. Bianchi does, and in practicing on high profile cases as both Mr. Bianchi and  Mr. Bruno do;
  • Continuing Legal Education Programs that know having criminal trial attorneys that have experience both as prosecutors and defense attorneys is invaluable to educate other attorneys;
  • Education programs for University and High School Students interested in a legal career, either as a defense attorney or prosecutor;
  • Educating the public on criminal justice issues;
  • Preparation and dissemination to the Media or our social media platforms articles entitled “Prosecutor’s Perspective” that shed light on the role of prosecutors and the interplay with criminal defense attorneys in the criminal justice system.

To be a great defense attorney, commentator to the media, to train trial attorneys, or educate those interested in legal careers, the experiences of having been prosecutors is invaluable!

Our unique knowledge in this regard is not only of immeasurable value to our clients and their cases,  but so too provides to the community a better understanding of the Prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system which is key to any great defense attorney who defends criminal prosecutions.

Robert A. Bianchi, Esq., was honored to be only 1 of 21 head County Prosecutors in New Jersey from 2007-2013. Becoming the head County Prosecutor is a highly coveted distinction in the legal community that very few attorneys ever achieve.

Nominated by the Governor of New Jersey to serve as the Morris County Prosecutor from 2007-2013, Mr. Bianchi served as the “chief law enforcement officer”  in charge of all prosecutions and supervised all police agencies in the county.  He also worked with the heads of all Federal, State, and County law enforcement agencies in the State of New Jersey.  The experience and contacts made in this position are invaluable.

Mr. Bruno served under then Prosecutor Bianchi as a major crimes/homicide Assistant Prosecutor and tried some of the most high-profile murder cases in the county.  Mr. Bruno was also responsible for police misconduct cases and fraud cases while at the office, in addition to his Major Crimes responsibilities.

Now partners in private practice at The Bianchi Law Group specializing in criminal defense cases,  Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Bruno are 2 of only 250 attorneys in the entire State of New Jersey that are certified by the New Jersey Supreme court as Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys.  Hence, they are considered experts in the field of criminal justice.  To put this into perspective, there are over 93,000 attorneys in New Jersey.

Mr. Bianchi is the only attorney in New Jersey that practices criminal defense, was a former prosecutor, and who is also a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

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