Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Partner at The Bianchi Law Group was asked to again (3/18/17)  speak to the New Jersey State Bar Association in North Jersey’s Sheraton Parsippany on his “Joyful Journey” lecture, “Moving past the Mechanics to the Mystics” in what we do to help build a resilient personal and professional life.  The lecture is designed to help small law firms cope with the stress of the practice and handling their clients.  Bianchi is an international speaker has given this lecture to thousands of people from all professions.  We were happy to lecture with attorney Cedrick Ashley at this event.

Bianchi and his partner, Dave Bruno, Esq., are both former NJ prosecutors and are both NJ Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys who now handle high-end NJ criminal cases, NJ domestic violence cases and NJ municipal court matters.  Due to their skill and reputation for excellence, Bianchi and Bruno are often asked to lecture and train other attorneys, and are frequent national TV legal analysts.