On April 20, 2017, Robert (Bob) Bianchi and Julio Briones (owner of AnswerManServices) presented before the criminal law section of the New Jersey State Bar Association recently about the need to prepare clients who are facing jail sentences.  Bianchi and Briones discussed the importance of how an expert in this area can help the client and families navigate the rules, complexities, and life of a client in jail or prison.


Often, lawyers tend to deal with the legal case only.  But to the client, there are a host of “collateral consequences” from being charged and/or convicted of a crime.  Being prepared immeasurably prepares the client and family for the rigors they will face with a jail sentence, and also helps the client know what to do, and not do, while serving their time.


The Bianchi Law Group is a NJ Criminal Defense firm comprised of former prosecutors.  Partners Bob Bianchi and Dave Bruno are also NJ Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys.


Bob at NJSBA jail sentence