2 Lectures; 2 States; 2 days; 2 much fun!

Be The Blessing!

Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq., was honored to give his riveting and unique presentation entitled, “The Joyful Journey” last week to the New Jersey State Bar Association and the New Hampshire Bar Association.

Bianchi’s Joyful Journey presentation has reached thousands of people in the US and abroad, and frequently presents to attorneys, police officers, college students, corporate professionals, business administrators, and community groups.

Bianchi challenged lawyers to expand their representation of clients by recognizing the powerful platform they have as attorneys to make a profound  impact upon clients beyond just getting excellent legal results.
“In a very unique and powerful way, this presentation addresses how we can live a more Daring, Joyful, and Grateful life, despite the “negatives” that life seems to throw at us.

The presentation engages us to develop strategies on how we can better navigate the sufferings in life (Suffering Resilience) and use these experiences as tremendous growth opportunities. The presentation is not a theoretical or academic one. It is based on the “real life” experiences, techniques, and insights that we can immediately begin using in our daily lives!”

The full description of the presentation can be found at http://bianchilawgroup.com/outreach/joyful-journey-program/