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Why Having a Former Prosecutor is Key

Criminal Defense Lawyer in New Jersey

Choosing a criminal defense attorney to represent you following an arrest is the most important decision you will make. The most important question to ask is, “What experience does your attorney have in the area of criminal trial practice?”

An attorney with extensive prosecutorial experience will make a world of difference to ensure you get the best possible results. There is no room for error when representing a criminal defendant. Your life is literally on the line and only the best attorneys should be used. Consider how much you may gain by hiring a defense attorney who also has extensive experience as an Assistant Prosecutor and one that also served as 1 of 21 head County Prosecutors in the entire state of New Jersey. That is why you should contact the legal team at The Bianchi Law Group, LLC right away.

Get an Advocate who will Fiercely Fight in Your Favor

By hiring a former prosecutor, you can retain an advocate who has experience on both sides of the courtroom. A former prosecutor understands how cases progress from the moment of investigation and arrest, to the end of the trial and potential appeal process.

Some of the matters former prosecutors can recognize with ease are:
– How evidence is gathered at the investigative stage of a case
– How an investigation is properly conducted
– How the decisions that affect the filing of charges are made
– How an aggressive defense attorney can help you in the early stages of a case
– How prosecutors build cases and pursue convictions
– How prosecutors try cases and the concerns they have
– How prosecutors “think” about the cases they have
– How to best negotiate with prosecutors to achieve maximum results for a client
– How to attack the prosecution’s case at all stages of the case

As former prosecutors, we know where to look for faults in the evidence and weaknesses in the case which can be leveraged to your advantage. By working with the legal team at The Bianchi Law Group, LLC you may be able to avoid a conviction and even avoid having the case go to trial altogether. Our experience not only includes lawyers that were former Assistant Prosecutors, but one that was actually the head County Prosecutor appointed by the Governor of New Jersey. Our reputations, skills, tenacity, knowledge of how prosecutors work, is a key competitive advantage to the criminal defense clients we are now honored to represent. The experience and credentials of our former prosecutor team in unparalleled in New Jersey.

The Team Has Handled Thousands of Cases

Another important factor to consider is the volume of cases your attorney has worked on. Former prosecutors, like those at The Bianchi Law Group, generally had far greater caseloads as prosecutors than typical attorneys do that never worked as a prosecutor. Our attorneys know well how to evaluate the case for its strengths and weaknesses, which is vital to leverage this knowledge to the advantage of our criminal defense clients. Prosecutors must learn to think fast and argue cases in the courtroom virtually every day. That experience is simply invaluable to the criminal defense clients we represent and the kind of knowledge and skill that you deserve at this critical life-altering stage of your life. We know very well how the police and prosecutors act, think, and proceed with their cases. This “inside knowledge” is unquestionably a powerful advantage to our clients.

Former Prosecutors May Negotiate a Better Plea Bargain

When a dismissal of charges is out of the question, it may become necessary to negotiate a plea bargain, such as for a reduced sentence or a lesser charge. A former prosecutor can be an invaluable asset in this situation, as your New Jersey criminal defense attorney knows just how far the Prosecutor can go in making a deal. Plea bargaining is an art form that takes years of practice as a prosecutor to learn. In plea negotiations, there is a right way, and a wrong way to do it. And knowing that difference can make all the difference in your life. It is a skill our former prosecutors have learned over many years and we use that skill to optimize maximum, positive results for our clients. Think about this. One of our Prosecutors ran an entire county prosecutor’s office. He was the person that every investigation, every plea, every trial, every action in that office depended upon his supervision. Who better knows how to best access and achieve maximum results than the person who actually ran a prosecutor’s office and who has trained his attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group these coveted, powerful, and unique experiences.

If you choose the lawyers at The Bianchi Law Group, LLC.,  you will have a team of former prosecutors at your side. The decision to use a former prosecutor and skilled criminal defense attorney is a decision that will be the singular most important decision you can make if you are being investigated or charged with a crime.

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