A Hug can Really be a Bad thing Sometimes.

Trial Attorney and former head county Prosecutor, Robert (Bob) Bianchi appeared on Fox News Happening Now with host Jenna Lee to discuss a case where an aunt sued her 50 pound, 8 year old nephew for giving her a hug that injured her. The 8 year old was riding his birthday bike when he saw his aunt and ran at her to give her that hug and tell her he loved her. She claims the hug was an act of negligence and she should be compensated for an injured wrist.

The aunt’s case was tried before a jury that came back in a lightning speed 25 minute verdict against the aunt, finding there was no negligence in the boy’s actions. This case has garnered international attention. In the segment, we discuss that this is merely an accident, and that nothing the child did was negligent by any legal definition. It is a frivolous personal injury lawsuit.

This is why people lose respect for lawyers and the judicial system with such ridiculous cases like this. The Today show used part of Mr. Bianchi’s Fox appearance, as well. What are your thoughts on this case. Should the aunt have brought this case?

Get off the Plane!

We also discussed with Jenna Lee a case where a woman was thrown off of a plane. We do not know the facts, but a video shows the passengers witnessing how the woman was being treated by the plane flight attendants are heard saying they will never fly on that airline again.

The passengers can be heard booing the flight staff as the distraught woman is saying she does not understand why she is being asked to leave the plane and that she did nothing wrong. Apparently, the woman complained earlier about a member of the flight crew and the response was to throw her off the plane. The facts are not in yet on this one, but based upon what is seen in the video taken by another passenger, this looks to have been an overreaction by flight staff.