Were you arrested for driving while intoxicated? Not all DWI attorneys are well-equipped to handle any type of DWI case. However, the attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group, LLC are skilled in navigating applicable state and federal law, and can help any New Jersey resident involved with the following situations:

  • First Offense DWI
  • Second Offense DWI
  • Third Offense DWI
  • DWI Blood Tests
  • Marijuana DWI

Even a first offense DWI comes with a hefty set of penalties. Without proper legal representation, you run the risk of high fines, jail time, court-mandated rehabilitation courses or even the loss of your license. If you have been arrested for a DWI and are unsure how to proceed, the first step is to schedule a free consultation with The Bianchi Law Group, LLC to create a strong plan of action moving forward.

What Should I Do After I Have Been Charged?

The first thing an individual should do if they are pulled over and accused of driving while intoxicated is to comply with law enforcement, but never share unnecessary information with the law enforcement officer. Under the United States Constitution, you are entitled to work with an attorney and do not need to discuss any details of your physical or mental state with a law enforcement officer without an attorney present.

The smartest step you can take after being arrested for a DWI is to hire the help of a lawyer right away. At The Bianchi Law Group, LLC, our team of attorneys have helped New Jersey residents with thousands of DWI cases and have the skill and expertise to win your case. There are many ways in which A DWI attorney can help minimize your impending penalties, and these methods are near impossible to achieve without the consultation of qualified legal help.

What Can I Expect If This is my Second or Third Offense?

A second or third offense DWI denotes, of course, much more severe penalties than a first offense. An attorney can often minimize or remove entirely the penalties associated with a first offense DWI, but a second or third offense carries much more higher consequences which can be difficult to reduce.

An individual convicted for a second or third offense DWI can face monetary fines, an increased jail time, temporary or permanent loss of their driver’s license, court-mandated rehabilitation courses and will likely have a breathalyzer installed in their vehicle’s ignition. Your insurance will also drastically increase, and you will sustain a criminal record that may ruin your personal and professional future.

Have You Been Accused of DWI in the State of New Jersey?

If you have been accused of driving while intoxicated in the state of New Jersey, don’t panic. With the help of a DWI lawyer, you may be able to have your charges reduced or removed, but you need to act fast. As soon as you find yourself in legal trouble regarding driving while intoxicated, contact The Bianchi Law Group, LLC and schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.

Call our Parsippany- Troy Hills office today at (862) 210-8570 to schedule your free consultation. The team of DWI attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group, LLC are hardworking and tenacious attorneys who will defend you diligently before a judge. You deserve quality legal representation and a fighting chance at a future free of a criminal record.