Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq., appeared on 101.5 to discuss the case of a person who shot an arrow with a threatening note into an elected official’s house this week. It is thought that this was done by a political rival.

Prosecutors will certainly be investigating this case, due to the seriousness of the action, in addition to the fact that we cannot have our public officials intimidated like this. Having investigated cases like this as a New Jersey Prosecutor and defended cases like this as a New Jersey Defense Attorney, the prosecutor will be attempting to identify the shooter.

They will be conducting interviews of potential witnesses in the neighborhood, persons of interest that may have had a motive to do this, and review all videos in the area, as well as, doing forensic testing on the arrow that was recovered.

NJ-1015-logo630x420But, this case says something more to me. It is about the state of our partisan politics where the elected officials are so hyperbolic about winning and attacking their rivals to a point of physical violence and intimidation. As a former government official that was appointed by the Governor of New Jersey, I don’t think the public has any idea about the fact that our problems will never be solved in the current state of affairs on how many politicians act (or better yet do not act) in New Jersey.

Their own personal interests come before the interests of the public. Unfortunately, they have come to know that this strategy works as most citizens do not even vote, allowing them to stay in office. And, don’t be fooled this applies equally to democrats and republicans alike.

In New Jersey, we have serious problems that need attention. The problem is not the institutions we have in place, it is the elected officials that refuse to compromise, the hiring of people without the skills to make our machinery of government work exceptionally as opposed to marginally at best, and a decay in doing what once statesmen and stateswomen used to do- – care about those that put them in office and use energy to solve problems, not attack one another.

This case of shooting an arrow into the home of an elected official is egregious. But, it is symbolic of the arrows shot every day in Trenton and in a sense is far more dangerous to us all. Listen to the appearance here ->

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