Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq., appeared on Fox News Happening Now with host Jenna Lee and Fox Legal Analyst,  Lis Wiehl, Esq., to analyze the dangers to the new fad reality game, Pokémon.

Bianchi as a former head NJ County Prosecutor and chief law enforcement officer of Morris County explained how this game will lead to people being victimized by criminals who are taking advantage of the game’s platform.  The game leads people to places, homes, businesses, and places that could pose a danger by predators who are waiting for unsuspecting players to arrive.

In this clip, Bianchi indicates that people lose their “situational awareness” when immersed in such an activity and this makes the players “targets of opportunity.”  He is especially concerned with younger players who will inevitably place themselves in danger with those who have nefarious motives and intend to commit crimes like sexual assault, robbery, and other violent crimes.

Bianchi suggests that parents proactively discuss with their children how to play the game safely (if at all), by paying attention to their surroundings, not only to avoid becoming a victim of crime, but so as not to be distracted to a point of injuring themselves or others.

Parents should be with children at all times when children play the game, make sure the game is played during the day, and take precautions that there are other people in the area when playing, so as to avoid desolate areas where criminals attempt to lure unsuspecting players.

Check out the video to learn how a seemingly pleasurable game, can present a real danger and the cases that are already in the spot light due to the game’s use.