Former Head County Prosecutor and Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorney Robert (Bob) Bianchi was profiled on @FacingAddiction video about drug addiction and the criminal justice system.

Bianchi was at the forefront as a head county prosecutor to establish programs to assist the mentally ill and drug addicted population(s) in diversionary treatment programs, rather than full blown prosecutions. Well before this topic became popular in the national consciousness, Bianchi was a proponent of using the criminal justice system to help, not simply incarcerate, those with mental health and addiction issues.

We are proud that Bob is recognized nationally as a leader in criminal justice reform and that he was profiled in this video.

Bianchi is now a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey and is a partner in a boutique criminal defense firm with his partner David Bruno, Esq., who also is a NJ Certified Criminal Trial Attorney. Bianchi and Bruno work extensively with addiction professionals both serving their patients/clients’ needs, as well as lecturing to them about how to practically interface the addiction/mental health professions with the criminal justice system.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have been part of the #FacingAddiction national presentation and for being a part of all of the great work they are doing.