Bob Bianchi appeared on 5/29/17 on Fox News with Molly Line re Hillary Clinton and VA cases.

A court ruled that the case where mothers filed suit against Hillary Clinton for the deaths of their sons during the Benghazi attack.  The court found that there was no connection to Clinton’s private email server causing the deaths, and even if so, under the doctrine of immunity, Clinton could not be sued as a government official.

The court also ruled that Clinton did not defame the mothers when she indicated that their “recollection” was not accurate.  Bianchi, while feeling sorrow for the mothers, agreed with the court’s ruling from a legal perspective.

In another interesting case, the issue of a class action lawsuit filed by approximately 7,000 former military persons, claiming that they were used as test subjects for the military’s development of chemical and biological weapons and were now sick as a result–but can’t get medical treatment.  The soldiers are being denied medical treatment and have sued the government for their health care.  The 9th Circuit has already ruled that the soldiers should be treated, but due to legal maneuvering by the department of justice, the case still persists without the patients being cared for.  Bianchi alleges that this is “death by lawsuit” and that they should be treated as a matter of law, an moral obligation to our military. He suggests that President Trump end this nightmare for these patients and families and sign an executive order mandating this and taking it out of the courts.