Felicity Huffman, who was involved in the college admissions scandal, has pleaded guilty and publicly apologized for her wrongdoings. Lori Loughlin on the other hand, has pleaded not guilty even though the case against her is very solid. I went on HLN to discuss with Mike Galanos.

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Bob Bianchi discusses the college admissions scandal on HLN

May 12th, 2019

Mike Galanos: For sure, that really sounded a lot like a TV show and now it could become one a TV series based on the college admissions, cheating scandal. It’s in the works and that’s just the latest news and the fallout from that story that really exposed the rich and powerful stars, including Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman accused of using cash to help get their kids into college. And these two stars, they’ve taken different paths in this already. Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiracy to commit fraud. But Lori Loughlin has pleaded not guilty and is fighting charges of conspiracy to commit fraud, and conspiracy to commit money laundering. She maintains her innocence. Any way you slice it though, you got to figure it be a pretty rough Mother’s Day for these parents. I spoke with one funny mother, Dina Blizzard. Bob Bianchi, former Prosecutor and host of Law and Crime Network. I did that a short time ago. Alright. Dina, we talked about this story when it first broke, you were pretty fired up as a mom who felt the pressure of getting your kid into college, you’re son just wrapping up his first year. Did you have any newfound sympathy for Lori Loughlin or Felicity Huffman as this is played out?

Dina Blizzard: No, I don’t think anybody does. I think, you know, you listen to the story from the beginning, you’re like, this is ridiculous. I think at this point everybody’s looking for what is, how does this resolve? What are, what are the punishments for this so that we can make it so that everyone has as even a playing field as possible. You know, he is, he’s finishing up his first year and I said before he goes to a state school, he got into some other great schools and we couldn’t afford it. And so, we said, okay, let’s go to a state school and guess what, you’ll live a great life and you’ll be a wonderful person. And he’s had a great year. And you know, I just think that there are tons of kids who should be afforded the same opportunities. And I’m interested to see, you know, how it all kind of pans out.

Mike Galanos: Sure. Big Amen from a lot of our viewers out there. But you mentioned punishment. Bob, got Lori Loughlin pleading not guilty, so could she pay the big money for the high price lawyer and walk?

Robert Bianchi: Hey, Mike and Dina, this is the situation that she’s dealing with. It is extremely reckless from all accounts, Mike. The case against her is very solid and her husband as well. With what Felicity Huffman did is a model in how to defend yourself. You get in quickly to the US Attorney’s office; you get what they call acceptance of responsibility credits. You don’t force them to move forward on your case. She’s only looking at 10 months and potentially no jail time at all. Now Look at Lori Loughlin. Exactly the opposite. Bad Way to go about it. You’re attempting the beast here. When you’re pleading not guilty, they’re going back into the grand jury. They’re getting additional charges. Mike, here’s the dynamic. Under the federal system, it’s what we call the sessions memo is out there, which says that you have to plead to the most serious and readily provable offense. So, every time the feds go in there and add on a charge, she’s ratcheting up, Lori Loughlin, her responsibility. And the plea is going to be much worse because she won’t get acceptance of responsibility, credits of respect. If there is a blame, then it’s going to be more than Huffman got for sure.

Mike Galanos: Hey Dina, your thoughts on Lori Loughlin potentially walking free here.

Dina Blizzard: It just doesn’t make any sense. Like it makes zero sense whether, who in the world is advising this woman? I just, I just think if there’s a possible way that she walks, I just think it sends a horrible message to every kid that’s going to college. I think that, okay, go to college, make a lot of money and then pay for your children. And the whole thing is horrible. And you look at just her as a person, you know, this was somebody who was Aunt Becky. Everybody loved her great shows on Hallmark Channel. You’re like, you can’t, you can’t even be half the person you played on television and just own up to what you did, Hey, I’m sorry this was a mistake. Listen, I would much rather her come forward and say, listen, I’m sure as a mother, every mother out there could totally relate to somebody saying, I just wanted what was best for my kid. Every mother I’d be like, I respect that. That I respect. I think you went about it wrong, but I totally respect that you want the best for your kids.

Mike Galanos: Guys, thanks again Bob and Dina again. Lori Loughlin’s pleaded not guilty; we’ll see how it plays out.