Law & Crime Report: Judge Weighs Bond on the Father & Son Accused of Killing Ahmaud Arbery

On today’s episode of Law & Crime Report, Gabriela Gonzalez and Imran Ansari join Bob Bianchi to discuss the latest updates in the Ahmaud Arbery case as well as other legal headlines. The judge in the Arbery case is weighing allowing bond for the father involved in the killing of Ahmaud. Gonzalez sees it as unlikely that bond will be permitted given the seriousness of the charges including malice murder and false imprisonment.

The panel also discusses some of the details surrounding the facts of the case. While the defense may point to facts like a 911 call, alleged burglary by Arbery, video of Arbery not jogging, and perception of self-defense on their part may justify the actions taken. It remains to be seen, however, if the actions taken by the defendants were within the scope of what Georgia law allows.

In regard to the bond hearing, the defense has made a solid case for the defendants not being a flight risk. Which, as Ansari points out, is priority number one when determining the granting of a bond. The defense believes they have a strong enough case that the seriousness of the charges should not necessarily factor too greatly in this decision.

In other news, Michael Avenatti has a trial date in April to face charges that he embezzled funds from Stormy Daniels’ book sales. It seems Avenatti’s meteoric rise is now meeting an equally meteoric fall as Ansari points out.

Additionally, a Virginia doctor is facing up to 465 years in prison for fraud and performing unneeded surgeries. A defendant in a 1972 murder case has died in an apparent suicide and cops say they’re looking for a person of “extreme interest” in the murder of a police sergeant in Texas.