Law & Crime Report: Anthony Quinn Warner Identified as Nashville Christmas Day Bomber

Our headline story for this episode of Law & Crime Report involves the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, TN. This bizarre case involved a recreational vehicle that was loaded with explosives that actually warned of the impending blast through a speaker system on the R.V. The vehicle detonated in the early hours of Christmas morning with the perpetrator inside who has now been identified as Anthony Quinn Warner.

So far, Warner has not been depicted as a domestic terrorist. No clear motive has been uncovered and, as far as anyone can tell so far, Warner was not intending to hurt anyone but perhaps only make a statement. Investigations are ongoing as to motive.

In other news, the city of Detroit has countersued the chapter of Black Lives Matter that organized demonstrations in Detroit following the killing of George Floyd. Their claim is that the organization sent people into the city with a riotous motive and intentions of causing harm to both police officers and city structures. Bob Bianchi’s panel of Gabriela Gonzalez and Neama Rahmani discuss this latest update. Gonzalez explains that first amendment rights do not include a right to be violent or intend on damage and harm. It is also important to note that the city must prove very specific occurrences in order to prove their case.

The panel also goes over other headlines such as the release of Lori Loughlin after her 2-month sentence for bribing a college to allow her daughter in. Additionally, Amy Lynn Mullis’ family has sued her convicted murderer in civil court, Lisa Montgomery’s execution has been delayed, and Joe Exotic has dropped his lawsuit against the DOJ.

Finally, on a bit more humorous note, our last story involves a man escaping a plane through an emergency hatch and sliding down the inflatable ramp with his dog. He is being charged with criminal mischief and trespassing. He claims that he had a panic attack and although he understands the seriousness of what he did, he did not harm anyone. Chances are, he will have to face some form of punishment. The best part of this clip is certainly Bob’s tie though, featuring the ‘legal beagle’, Bob’s dog Holly.