Law & Crime Report: Arizona Supreme Court Declines to Review Jodi Arias’ Murder Appeal

To start off this episode of Law & Crime Report, Bianchi and guests discuss the fact that The Golden State Killer, Joseph DeAngelo, has arrived at state prison in California. He has pled guilty to 13 murders and 13 rape-related charges. The question still remains whether or not he was still actively committing crimes after 1986. Dr. John Delatorre and Bianchi hash out the details of prosecutorial closure versus emotional closure for the victims, survivors, and their families. Dr. Delatorre also attempts to analyze the mind of The Golden State Killer and believes he will continue to try to stay in the limelight as much as he can.

Also, the Arizona Supreme Court has declined to review Jodi Arias’ murder appeal for the 2008 murder of her boyfriend. Delatorre seems unsurprised seeing as how they likely believe there is no new evidence to review. Though defense counsel is attempting to claim that the trial was tainted by the “circus” of media surrounding the trial, appellate judges made it clear that Arias was comparably responsible for media coverage.

After returning from a break, Ecleynne Mercy joins the panel to discuss election stress. Dr. Delatorre details that this year has been extremely stressful for most, if not all, Americans. From the pandemic to the economy to the presidential election, chances are everyone has additional stressors in 2020. Dr. Delatorre recommends visiting government backed psychology sights for help mitigating your symptoms.

In other news, boxer Adrien Broner essentially put himself in jail by claiming to the court that he was completely broke and could not pay his fines while also displaying thousands of dollars in cash on social media. “The jig is up,” says the judge, and Broner is going to jail. Also, the family of “Whitey” Bulger, mobster turned FBI informant,  has filed civil suit for his murder in prison. Finally, Brandon Martin has been found guilty of murdering his family members and a bystander with a baseball bat.