Law & Crime Report: Ayoola Ajayi Faces Life in Prison After Pleading Guilty to the Murder of MacKenzie Lueck

Earlier this month Ayoola Ajayi pleaded guilty to murdering MacKenzie Lueck.  He admitted to the premeditation of her murder as well as the desecration of human remains as he burned her body afterward. Ajayi will now face life in prison. The judge detailed how the brutality and cruelty of the case merit consecutive sentences.

Joseph Scott Morgan and Kelly Hyman join Bianchi to discuss this and other cases.  The panel discusses how Ajayi made it known that he had no motive other than the desire to know what it is like to kill someone. He went to great lengths to torture his victim and to hide her body afterward.  He also had other victims whom he raped and sexually assaulted. All of these facts helped the judge come to the consecutive sentence conclusion.

In other news, an attorney for one of the members of the group who plotted to kidnap Governor Whitmer spoke out recently.  The attorney questions whether conspiracy actually took place. Conspiracy requires an overt act toward doing something illegal.  The panel discusses how the evidence that comes out will eventually tell the tale of how the court is likely to rule.

The Scott Peterson case has new developments as well.  The state supreme court has remanded the case back to a lower court for the prosecution to argue why the conviction should stand. Peterson’s death penalty has already been overturned.  Now, it is within the realm of possibility that the conviction itself could be overturned.  The panel discusses the difficulties that come with being a lawyer in a situation such as this.

Finally, the panel also discusses the suit against LAPD filed by Vanessa Bryant.  Bryant alleges that the officers who responded to the scene of the crash took gruesome photos of her deceased husband, Kobe, and their daughter Gianna and posted them on social media.  Also, a crazy encounter between protestors and counter-protestors is on video that apparently resulted in pulling out a gun.