Law & Crime Report: Kyle Rittenhouse Defense Team Shaken Up After One Attorney Leaves Team Amid Criticism

Our leading story on this episode of Law & Crime Report involves one of the attorneys on the Rittenhouse case leaving the criminal defense team due to accusations of mishandling “slush funds” that accumulated from donations. Mike Koribanics and Gabriella Gonzalez join host Bob Bianchi to discuss this and many other top legal stories around the country.

The panel discusses how sticky the whole situation with this case already is. Both Koribanics and Gonzalez bring up concerns about the state prosecution’s motion to remove the lawyer on Rittenhouse’s team. This of course brings up sixth amendment issues regarding every American’s right to an attorney of their choosing.

In other news, the Kentucky Attorney General seems to have not allowed the grand jury in the Breonna Taylor case to even hear evidence or possible charges for the officers involved. The family of Taylor wants to have a special prosecutor appointed instead of the state’s attorney. The panel agrees that the attorney general’s mishandling of this case is egregious.

Ghislaine Maxwell is filing a motion for release claiming that she is being treated unfairly in prison. Koribanics believes this is a bad move on the part of her defense team because it is unlikely to be successful and could work against her in future parts of her case. Bianchi and Gonzalez discuss the difficulties of preparing clients for trial during the Covid-19 pandemic.

To wrap up, the panel discusses cases such as new legislation to fight sex trafficking, the supreme court weighing in on jury verdicts, and the house passing “Tiger King” bill.  PornHub is denying they’ve been a platform for child sex content but this new legislation would put sites like theirs on high alert.  Certain states have allowed non-unanimous juries to convict defendants.  However, the supreme court ruled 6-3 back in April that it is unconstitutional for anything less than a unanimous 12-person jury to convict.  And finally, the house has passed a bill being referred to as the “tiger king” bill to prevent people from owning and breeding big cats.