Law & Crime Report: Lori Vallow Newly Released Audio Appears to Show her Justifying Murdering Her 3rd Husband

Today on Law & Crime Report we discuss the newly released audio of Lori Vallow that appears to show her justifying murdering her third husband whose death was ruled natural from a heart attack. Police say he died of a heart attack, but the family suspects foul play. Bob Bianchi and a panel of Julie Rendelman and Cathy Russon discuss the intricacies of this fiery case. This new audio may or may not be admissible in the current case she has against her regarding children’s deaths. There are multiple deaths surrounding Lori Vallow and yet no murder charges have been brought so far.

Scott Peterson’s trial update includes him waiving his right to a speedy trial. Now, the penalty phase of his trial has been rescheduled for next year. The death penalty has already been vacated and there is potential for the entire conviction to be overturned. Updates on this case will be slow to come but certainly interesting. Jessica Ramirez and Julie Rendelman hash out the details of the juror issues that have caused this case to twist and turn.

In other news, the Covid-19 pandemic has stalled the murder trial for Letecia Stauch for at least another month. The backlogs of cases caused by safety concerns related to Covid-19 will certainly be causing questions raised. Rendelman discusses how many cases are being settled more quickly, trials are waiting long stretches, and changes are being made regarding bail. Efficiency is nearly impossible given the current state of affairs which hamstrings lawyers ability to provide high-quality services.

Finally, Jacob Blake has pled guilty to other misdemeanor charges in order to avoid a sexual assault trial that was set to begin this week. A man has been charged in the shooting of King Von and a man has been arrested in connection with the massacre of Mormon women and children in Mexico.