Law & Crime Report: Man Pleads Guilty In Plot To Kidnap Michigan Governor

You may recall from October 2020, the foiled plot to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan by a group of militiamen who were upset over state restrictions over Covid-19. Headlining this episode of Law & Crime Report are some dramatic developments in the case including a guilty plea on conspiracy charges from one of the men arrested in the plot. This can throw quite a wrench in the cases of the other men involved who have attempted to defend themselves by claiming their plot was all talk and fantasy. Mike Koribanics and Lisa Lockwood join Bob Bianchi to discuss these latest developments.

The panel starts by discussing how difficult it can be to get a cooperation agreement from the US Government. This man who took the plea has been heavily vetted and proved to be truthful in his retelling of the plot, who was involved, and to what extent. The other defendants, in this case, ought to be extremely worried about their cases at this point.

Another major development in the George Floyd case involves recent rulings on admissible evidence. While the defense has made motions hoping to include information regarding Floyd’s prior dealings with police and exclude other instances of abusive behavior by the officers, the judge in the case has so far ruled largely the opposite way. This could prove challenging to the defense teams on the case. Koribanics made it clear that as trials move on they can organically change and flex which can mean later provided context may allow evidence that currently doesn’t fit the bill.

In other news, one of the victims of the Green River Killer, Gary Ridgeway, has been identified decades later. Previously a Jane Doe simply in the records as “bones 10”, Wendy Stephens has now been identified through DNA technology. Stephens is believed to be the youngest victim of Ridgeway. Lockwood discusses how more cold cases ought to be opened since Ridgeway was convicted of murdering 49 people but he claims to have killed 71.

Finally, the panel discusses the arrest of a former NFL player for felony domestic violence and the theft of Covid-19 vaccines in Polk County, Florida by the “paramedic of the year”.