Law & Crime Report: That 70’s Show actor, Danny Masterson, Appears in Court for 3 Rape Charges

Before starting on any legal headlines, we remember the legend Ruth Bader Ginsberg and everything she has contributed to the legal world. She was a fierce protector of human rights and a beacon of justice.  No doubt, the fallout from her passing will be felt for decades to come. RIP RBG.

In legal news, Bianchi brings on Kary Antholis of Crime Story Media, discusses the headlines. To start, Danny Masterson has been charged for rape. Antholis describes the change in statute of limitations rules in the state of California that have allowed these charges to be brought. Another interesting element of this case is in its ties to the church of Scientology.

Moving on, a panel of Cheryl Dorsey – retired LAPD Sergeant and Mike Koribanics – Law & Crime Legal Analyst and criminal defense attorney discuss the different sides of other legal stories.  A man has been found guilty of murdering his ex-girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton,  in a horrifying cannibalism case. Interestingly, the defendant has fought with his own defense team by refusing to argue insanity as his defense.

AJ Freund’s father has taken a plea deal to accept 30 years in prison. AJ was a five-year-old boy murdered by his own parents. The mother was sentenced to 35 years for performing the abuse that caused his death. The father’s defense was that he actually intervened on the boy’s behalf but has now taken the guilty plea for the 30 year sentence.

Finally, so far there has been no evidence of mass hysterectomies at the ICE detention center where Dawn Wooten whistle blew inhumane medical practices.