Are fitness centers being restricted too heavily?

While New York has slowly begun its phased reopening plans, fitness centers feel that they have been unfairly made to stay closed when comparable service centers like tanning salons and beauty parlors have now been allowed to reopen. Because of their concern over unfair treatment, more than 1500 fitness centers in the state have filed a class-action lawsuit against Governor Cuomo for their right to reopen facilities.

Bob Bianchi appeared on this episode of Fox News Night Court to discuss the case and its likely approaches. Bianchi agrees that the governor has the authority to use such restrictions against fitness facilities in order to better protect the general public against the spread of Covid-19. However, Bianchi contends that in the process of opening other health and wellness facilities, strict social distancing guidelines were required. If such measures could be implemented for fitness gyms, they should also be allowed to open.

The bottom line? Cuomo and every state executive branch have the authority to implement health and safety standards to prevent disease spread. While it seems likely that the governor will try to reach a compromise, there is no doubt that gym owners feel they have been slighted and not given the chance to open with increased sanitation and social distancing.