Law & Crime Report: Joseph Concialdi Has Been Charged with First Degree Murder of Missing Wife

In this episode of Law & Crime Report, Bianchi and guests discuss the latest in missing persons and murder cases throughout the country.  A man was arrested a week after his wife’s truck was found abandoned and on fire.  While she is still missing, her husband, Joseph Concialdi, has been brought in on first-degree murder charges.

The fact that there is still no body brings up interesting legal concerns that the panel discusses. Bianchi’s guests, Adam Konta – Criminal Defense Attorney and Melba Pearson – Former Prosecutor, hash out the angles of the case. Pearson runs down the list of provable evidence even though there is no body to show that there can still be a murder conviction. However, Konta points out that creative defense would harp on the fact that there is no body, and therefore there may not be a murder at all.

In other news, Rochester City Council passes three bills addressing police funding and authorizing investigation related to Daniel Prude’s death. Police reform is a huge topic of conversation throughout the country right now. Pearson discusses the need for additional types of public assistance outside of standard police response.

Another overuse of force by police case comes to us from Broward County. A UPS driver’s truck was hijacked at gunpoint. The police response was a high-speed chase that ended with a reportedly 200+ rounds of shots going off around a large number of innocent bystanders. Both suspects were shot and killed as well as the innocent UPS driver and another innocent bystander. While this situation obviously brings up a large number of questions about how police respond to certain situations, the legal analysis seems to favor the poor families of the innocent lives lost.

The panel also discusses the latest updates in the case against Jerry Harris, the star of a Netflix series called Cheer. Harris is accused of inappropriate relations with minors in civil court. This, Pearons points out, is an interesting development since the allegations would seemingly constitute criminal charges.

To wrap up, the panel discusses a few other cases like the outrageous bail set for a protestor in Pennsylvania and the overturned conviction of Jonathan Irons.