Fox and Friends First – Teachers’ Union Suing in Plan to Reopen Schools

In Orange County, Florida, a teacher’s union is suing over the reopening plan set forth for the Fall semester. Bob Bianchi appeared on Fox & Friends First to discuss the aspects of this case which could be a landmark precedent set for other teacher’s unions around the nation.

To begin, Bianchi explains that this particular lawsuit is based on two things: the first being a lack of provision for teachers to protect themselves appropriately from the spread of disease due to lack of transparency by the school district, the second being the general lack of safety in having in-person school during a pandemic. The teachers assert that not only is the district not being proactive in contract tracing efforts, but is also negligent in their responsibility for the safety of students, staff, and families who attend the district.

Next, Bianchi discusses how the precedent set by a case such as this does and does not affect cases in other states. While case law does not transfer between states, it does provide a precedent for lawyers around the country to point to as reasoning for similar outcomes. Bianchi notes that it is quite likely that either way this case goes, lawyers will be using it to present as possible precedent in courtrooms around the country.

In the case of these Florida teachers, they are largely arguing that they are not being given the proper information from the district in order to proceed with in-person school safely, and not that they should not be made to teach in-person at all. For this reason, Bianchi does not believe there will be huge backlash from the defendants in the case, the school district.