A domestic violence charge is not to be taken lightly. Violence inflicted upon your spouse, partner or another person in your household is taken seriously in state and federal courts, and most judges will favor the side of the victim by default. You need strong, experienced legal counsel by your side throughout the entirety of the legal proceedings.
The team of criminal defense attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group, LLC are skilled litigators that are committed to defending New Jersey residents against charges of this caliber. If you have been accused of domestic violence in New Jersey, you need to enlist the help of an attorney right away.

What Happens if I Have a Restraining Order Filed Against Me?

Most New Jersey residents that are accused of domestic violence have restraining orders filed against them by the victim. In some cases, the restraining order is only temporary, but conditions vary on a case to case basis. In a general sense, a restraining order is a legally binding document that states the individual who committed the domestic violence crime to stay away from the victim as well as their home, workplace, school, or other known whereabouts.

You will be ordered to appear at a final restraining order hearing, which typically takes place around seven to ten days after receiving the initial temporary restraining order. During this hearing, you and the victim will both need to appear before a judge and testify under oath in court.

How Can I Fight Back Against a Domestic Violence Charge?

The best course of action you can take if you are accused of domestic violence is to contact an attorney right away. Domestic Violence charges are serious, and the accompanying penalties can severely affect your personal, private and professional life.

Evidence is of the utmost importance in a domestic violence case. The type of evidence available as well as the way in which the evidence was collected will play a large role in determining the outcome of your case. Your attorney will ensure the evidence was not unlawfully collected, and gather all the evidence possible in order to disprove or reduce the charges that were brought against you.

What Steps Should I Take Now?

Anyone who has been convicted of a domestic violence crime in the state of New Jersey has the right to a fair trial and a right to consult with an attorney. The option always exists to defend yourself in court, but those who do so are at an extreme disadvantage over those who enlist the help of an attorney.

The Bianchi Law Group, LLC has a demonstrated track record of proven success with Domestic Violence cases. Our team of attorneys is dedicated to providing aggressive representation for clients from all over the state of New Jersey. In order to learn more about how The Bianchi Law Group, LLC can assist you in your Domestic Violence case, call us at 862-210-8570 or contact us online to schedule your preliminary consultation appointment. Your initial consultation is free, and comes at no obligation to you.