Chicago police union announces vote of no confidence in leadership of Cook Country State’s Attorney Kim Foxx due to her refusal to file felony charges in certain crimes, such as the Jussie Smollett case. Is Foxx no longer capable of effectively doing her job? I break it down on Fox News with Shepard Smith.

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   Chicago Police Union Demands Resignation of Jussie Smollett’s Prosecutor

    April 6th, 2019

Shepard Smith: Bob Bianchi is here, a Criminal Defense Attorney and former head at New Jersey County Prosecutor in the state of New Jersey. Pressure, but practically speaking, she is doesn’t want to go she won’t have to?

Robert Bianchi: Absolutely, she’s in there, she’s an officer elected, duly elected. There could probably be a process to have her expelled, I’m sure there is, you can’t, you just don’t hold these jobs if you are completely incompetent. But that would be a long and exhausting process but what’s going on here Shep. I’m thinking to myself when I’m listening to this story, about what would happen if the forty-four police agencies that I was in control of, had a vote of no confidence. Madam District Attorney, you are no longer capable of effectively doing your job. And what’s most disconcerting is the police are saying that the Smollett case and the R. Kelly case are the straw that broke the camel’s back. But there’s been a history of her not just decriminalizing but failure to prosecute cases where the community are victims of crime, because she calls this quote unquote, criminal justice reform, Shep. Criminal justice reform does not mean I get out of jail free or get out of prosecution free court, if you commit a crime you can certainly look at other avenues other than incarceration but you have to hold people accountable because what the police are saying in the statement, in the statement that they issued is now lawlessness, no question about the fact the bad guys and girls out there in Cook County know, we can steal from stores with impunity, we can have drug offenses with impunity, we can go out and commit crimes make the community’s less safe, which is the police and Prosecutors alternate responsibility because they won’t even file charges against you.

Shepard Smith: It has gotten to that point that’s just not that’s, not just a bunch of bluster, that’s a real thing.

Robert Bianchi: It’s not a joke, listen when I was Prosecutor, we would take the cases that come in if you violate the law, I swore an oath, my oath was to enforce the laws of the state of New Jersey. Not to simply disregard them with the hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil, that may get you votes, parts of your constituency but once you get into office. I was appointed by the governor that’s how they do it I believe an appointment as opposed to elections, but either way when you get in you’ve got to do the job to keep those communities safe and you just can’t disregard the law. And that’s what these cops are saying, Smollett and R. Kelly or just a symptom of the corrosion and corruption in Cook County DA’s office.

Shepard Smith: This kind of friction between those who keep the peace and those who do the Prosecution is never good for the people.

Robert Bianchi: It’s a delicate balance, Shep, because as a Prosecutor I also have to make sure the police are acting in an efficient and ethical way that they’re not using or abusing their power. So, there’s always that little thing there but you know what told me a lot, and I suggested to you last week, where you knew that something bad was going on here when these cops work seventeen hundred hours with the Prosecutor’s office in the Smollett case, that they decide that there’s enough evidence to bring charges, that the Prosecutor revealing those charges said, you know what let’s put it into the grand jury because we believe a crime has been committed. You get an indictment which means the grand jurors believe there was sufficient evidence to establish probable cause, and then you don’t even notify your law enforcement partners that worked on that very case, seventeen hundred hours’ worth of time. That by the way we’re going to dismiss it because we think that’s the right way to dispose of the case. Well, what did you charge into the grand jury for in the first place if that’s the way you felt? Something is not right here.

Shepard Smith: Bob Bianchi, Trace Gallagher, and a live news conference, much more as the coverage continues on this.