When you are convicted of a crime, there can be devastating consequences. But what happens when you are a professional—like a doctor or an attorney—who is charged with a crime? Can your license be affected? Can you continue practicing in your career?

The collateral consequences of any criminal conviction can be dire. All the years of education, discipline, determination, and practice can be for nothing. Your entire livelihood can be at stake based on a criminal conviction.

Here is everything you need to know about collateral disciplinary consequences for professionals:

How the Conviction Can Affect You—and Your Career

When someone is convicted of a crime, the conviction is entered into national and state-wide databases. The conviction can be seen by any third party conducting background or criminal background checks. When the person convicted is a professional, i.e., a nurse, their license to practice may be revoked.

Most Common Collateral Disciplinary Consequences

Criminal prosecutions can completely overturn your life, finances, relationships, and career. The legal penalties can be severe in addition to the overall shame you will inevitably feel. The legal consequences will also include hefty fines, loss of rights, and being incarcerated. The collateral disciplinary consequences will undoubtedly follow you into your future.

The most common collateral disciplinary consequences after a professional is convicted of committing a crime are:

Academic Discipline

The American Dream states that going to college and landing the career of your dreams is the only path to take. However, the dream can become a nightmare when convicted of a crime. A criminal conviction is the quickest way to earn academic discipline. This can include suspension, loss of earned scholarships, and even expulsion from the program.

Future Employment Issues

When convicted of a crime, it follows you on your criminal background. Any third party or employer can pull your background and see that you have been convicted of either a misdemeanor or a felony. The majority of open positions require no criminal background. Therefore, if you have a conviction, you may not have the ability to obtain employment in the future.

Professional License Suspension

You went through endless exams, studying, practical applications, clinical, and more to obtain your professional license. One criminal mistake can quickly strip you of your life’s work. If you are employed as a doctor, attorney, or another professional, this could happen to you in the event of a criminal conviction.

Some convictions can cause you to lose your license altogether. You may be able to obtain permission to continue working in your field; however, it is an uphill battle that is not easy to achieve.

Additional Collateral Disciplinary Consequences

Beyond the loss of licensure, many additional collateral disciplinary consequences can occur after a criminal conviction. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Immigration consequences
  • The ability to keep financial aid
  • Admission to continuing education
  • The ability to stay employed at the current job
  • The ability to qualify for a promotion
  • The ability to acquire a new position in a new job
  • The ability to join the armed forces
  • Future licensure issues

Hire The Bianchi Law Group

The Bianchi Law Group is a group of expert defense attorneys in New Jersey. Their combined experience offers aggressive defense and likely leads to a reduction of charges or the case being thrown out. We represent professionals accused of criminal allegations, including:

  • Lawyers and law students
  • Teachers and certified educational professionals
  • Nurses, doctors, and other licensed healthcare workers
  • Commercial drivers
  • Law force and military members
  • Students who may apply for a related position in the future

Contact our office today to discuss the nature of your case and what we can do to protect you and your career. You worked long and hard to earn your degree or license—we will do everything in our power to protect it. Our team of former prosecutors is led by two attorneys certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court.

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