On May 4, 2020, NJ Lawyer and Bianchi Law Group partner, Robert Bianchi appeared on Chasing News to talk about the importance of having a COVID-19 recovery plan when re-opening your business post-pandemic with Bill Spadea.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly presented us with massive disruption of our lives.

The rippling effects of the Coronavirus will last for many months, if not years. As the government allows businesses to open, there are still many economic issues that will occur.

Customers will still be afraid to be out in public, businesses will be grappling with how to re-open so as to protect staff and customers. These are just a few areas that will present many challenges.

For those businesses that are not prepared to ensure that they are in compliance with government regulations, best practices, and site-specific analysis, they are looking at a disaster to their brand, legal position, and revenue.

We discuss some of those issues on this episode of Chasing News with Bill Spadea.

Are you ready as a business to re-open responsibly?

Take a look at this segment about the importance of having a COVID-19 Recovery Plan, what it entails, and what can be done to open businesses responsibly.

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