On May 2, 2019, NJ Lawyer and Bianchi Law Group partner David Bruno appeared on the Fox Business Network’s Kennedy with Kat Timpf and Jason Meister to discuss Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary committee hearing where AG William Barr testified and defended the manner that he released the Mueller report to the public and his decision to not charge President Trump with Obstruction of Justice.

AG Barr’s Senate Testimony about the Mueller Report

May 2nd, 2019

Kennedy: Now meantime in the New York Times Op Ed today, the Emo Giraffe, former FBI director James Comey, claims that AG Barr is ruining his own reputation because he has fallen under the President’s spell. How can that happen? According to Comey quote, Mr. Trump, eats your soul in small bites and yeah, that sounds rational. The panel is here to discuss. Let’s meet them tonight. She serves as correspondent on the Greg Gutfeld show. She’s also a national view online reporter Kat Timpf is here, along with Criminal Defense Attorney David Bruno, don’t you know, and Trump 2020 advisory board member Jason Meister. Welcome everyone. Woo. Hallelujah. So, let’s talk about this, these talking points and we’re clearly issued from some echelon of Democrat leadership to these presidential hopefuls, because they’re all saying the same thing. And asking for someone’s resignation used to actually mean something. But yeah, that’s, that’s what you say after. Hi, how you doing? Please resign.

Jason Meister: It’s a hard stop. Mueller said that Attorney General Barr did not mischaracterize the findings. Mueller is not an Op Ed writer. He doesn’t have a show like Rachel Maddow. His opinion is irrelevant. He was supposed to indict or not indict, find the crime or not find a crime. This is all about context and opinion, and we have to go back to what this entire investigation began on, which was a fake dossier that the Democrats paid for. And Hillary Clinton’s campaign. There was no, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. It’s a disgrace for the Democrats.

Kennedy: Well, even the AG said, I didn’t exonerate the President. That’s not what I’m saying. But the, the President took it that way.

Jason Meister: Right. But the context is really irrelevant here. All that matters is that he did not find a crime and he didn’t invite and that’s it. That’s all that matters.

Kennedy: All right, so what do you see?

David Bruno: Well, first of all, it’s not his or Mueller’s job to exonerate. That’s not the responsibility of a Prosecutor to determine whether or not either there’s probable cause or.

Kennedy: And it’s not an exoneration and innocence or not charging someone. Those are all three different things.

David Bruno: Exactly. I mean, I thought he was, I thought Barr was a rock star today. I thought he did awesome. You know, and.

Kennedy: I didn’t think he was a rock star. I definitely thought he had some stumbles and I have to classifying tomorrow.

David Bruno: Like the Harris Cross examination was good on whether or not you’ve discussed any of the referring cases with the White House. I think he did stumble there, but generally speaking, he is the Attorney General, and the buck stops there and that is why he said this is over. He said, this is over. Let’s move on and let’s not use the justice as a political weapon. And that’s what we need to take away from this.

Kennedy: I want to bring Kat in here because it was supposed to be about Russia infiltrating the Presidential campaign and using people close to and maybe even including the President in order to fulfill their wins.

Kat Timpf: Right. I don’t want to be all millennial female here, but I am one, so I’m going to say I can’t even with this anymore. I, this investigation gets smaller every time we talk about it. It started with Trump is a traitor, treasonous traitor, an agent of the Russian government working with Putin. And now it’s like, Uh, I didn’t like the summary of this report that was released pretty much in full. It’s like when you’re fighting with your boyfriend, you realize you’re losing, you start with like, you don’t care about me at all. But then by the end of it you’re like, you left the toilet seat up four months ago. You know that you’re losing, but you want something to grasp onto. That’s exactly what’s happening.

Kennedy: Exactly. And so, when you have people like Cori Booker, Comma Harrison, Kirsten Gillibrand and Beda O’Rourke saying that the AG must resign, it’s like why? What? What exactly did he do? Because that’s, that’s a pretty serious thing to have done something. Yeah. And he was like, okay, a bunch of people want to know what’s in the report. I can’t give him the whole thing. I’m going to give him my sense of what was in the report. I’m a pretty rational person. I’m a lawyer. I’ve been an AG before. I know. I know my way around this Rodeo. I’ve roped a few calves, if you will. And I know you will. And he did that and now they’re mad at him about that. And the reports going to be too redacted. There wasn’t too redacted. There was some redactions.

Kat Timpf: With explanations for why they are mad.

Kennedy: Now they are mad about the press conference.

Kat Timpf: Yeah. Now they’re mad about that. It just shows that they have nothing when they start grasping at something this small.

Kennedy: Yeah. Oh Gosh, that sounds like my prom night. This is, this is so much, and we’ve got even more with the private panel they’re going to return a little later on. However.