At The Bianchi Law Group, LLC, we handle every case with a team approach. We maximize our unique team approach by having a former appellate prosecutor on staff. You may not have considered having an appellate lawyer on your criminal defense team before, but having an appellate attorney on staff is a force multiplier at BLG.  

There are three major factors that make having a former appellate prosecutor at BLG a force multiplier: 

1. Masterful Legal Writing and Research

Appellate litigation focuses on the most pressing legal and public policy issues. Anyone convicted of a crime has the automatic right to an appeal, but only the cases that impact New Jerseyans the most make it all the way to the New Jersey Supreme Court. That is why an appellate attorney treats every case like it may end up at the New Jersey Supreme Court. Going to the Supreme Court demands hours of thorough legal research and more hours drafting and editing powerful legal briefs. As a result of this experience and training, appellate lawyers are ready to do the same from the beginning of a case. That means your pretrial and trial submissions are written like they are going to the New Jersey Supreme Court. When appellate lawyers and trial attorneys work as a team, the result is trial-level submissions that are practical, thorough, and pack a punch. 

2. Long-Run Strategy

Because appellate lawyers are typically involved after a trial has ended and their research takes them through every case on a specific issue, appellate lawyers have seen it all. It is a lot like football players watching reels: appellate attorneys learn from other cases what strategies and arguments work best. And since appellate briefs are often written with an eye toward the New Jersey Supreme Court, appellate lawyers are skilled at identifying potential issues and preserving those issues – and your rights – in the long run. 

Importantly, appellate lawyers are able to assist the trial lawyers with immediate legal answers to questions that develop in a case, before its conclusion. This is exactly what prosecutors have on staff to assist their trial lawyers, so why should you not have that benefit in your defense case?  

3. Follow-Through

You may have heard lawyers on television say they will take something all the way to the Supreme Court. But, without a skilled appellate lawyer, this is an idle threat. At BLG, if we think something should go to the New Jersey Supreme Court, we mean it. And if we say it, it means that conclusion is based on exhaustive research, analysis, and discussion among our trial attorneys and our appellate attorney. BLG always stands ready to fight for your interests in the highest court necessary. 

Having an appellate lawyer on your criminal defense team from the start ensures the best possible outcome in your matter. If you know BLG, you know the firepower our trial attorneys bring to the courtroom. With an appellate attorney on staff, they are supercharged to aggressively fight the government on your behalf. Appellate attorneys are a force multiplier for a team of trial-ready criminal defense attorneys, and that team offers a great combination of skillsets when fighting for you during the trial of your life.