“Don’t let someone dim your light simply because it is shining in their eyes.” You have a mission in life. It is your mission, not theirs. It is your destiny and you were meant to achieve it in the short time we all are blessed to be alive. But as with anything, along the way there will be detractors, haters, people who will stomp upon a dream. Many hate to see people fulfill their destiny and are jealous of you doing what they cannot. When your life’s light shines into the eyes of another, others will resist seeing you succeed. Don’t let others dim your light. Feel a sense of sorrow for their negativity and gratefulness for the positivity of your spirit. Bless them. And then, if they have a problem with the brilliance of your life’s light, then kindly suggest they get sunglasses, and move undauntingly along your life’s journey. They can stop you as much as they can stop the brilliance of the sun shining on a cloudless day!

Bob Bianchi