Bob Bianchi appeared on Fox News with Shepard Smith to discuss the fascinating case of “El Chapo” accused drug cartel, billionaire. Details of the case are fascinating. It is now claimed that he paid off frm. Mexican President Pena Nieto 100 million dollars to escape apprehension. His mistress is testifying for the government while his wife sits in the courtroom. We break it down on the show!

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l Chapo on Trial in NY- Famed Mexican Drug Cartel Member Claims Innocence

January 21st,2019

Shepard Smith: Former Mexican congresswoman, also said to be a former mistress of one of the world’s most notorious drug lords, took the stand today in El Chapo’s trial in Brooklyn. And before that, the court heard from a drug enforcement agent who helped capture El Chapo back in 2014. That agent testified about how he and others spent days trying to take out every tunnel that the drug lord might’ve been using before they found him in the basement of a beach motel. Brian Llenas is reporting live in New York, what do we know about his mistress?

Brian Llenas: Shep, our corporate producer reports Lucedo Sanchez one of the child El Chapo’s mistresses, began testifying at two PM in Brooklyn federal court today. She walked in wearing a blue prison uniform and long rumored to be El Chapo’s girlfriend, the twenty-nine-year-old told the court today that she started her relationship with Joaquin Archivaldo Guzman in 2011. She was just twenty-one. She identified El Chapo in court as the leader of the Sinaloa cartel. El Chapo is reportedly staring at her as she testifies, he also wrote a note to his lawyer as she spoke. Now El Chapo’s wife, Emma, well she’s in court throughout all of this. At one-point Sanchez was asked what kind of relationship did you have with the drug kingpin. Sanchez replied, well she was confused, until today she thought they were a couple. Sanchez was arrested on drug charges in June of 2017, trying to cross the border and plead guilty in February of 2018. She’s now serving as a witness against El Chapo in the hopes she will get less prison time. Shep, Lucero was a former legislator in Sinaloa Mexico in her nickname was Chapo Le Diputada, or Chapo’s deputy.

Shepard Smith: Brian Llenas live in New York, thanks. Bob Bianchi’s here, criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. Wow!

Robert Bianchi: Yes Shep, you know we talk all the time about you don’t want your lawyer or your accountant testifying against you. I guess the second corollary a case like this is you don’t want your wife or your mistress testifying against you for the government, because they have intimate secrets that can really blow things away. And there’s really not a lot of motive for them to lie. So, she came across very credibly from law standing, from the news reports, she talks about she thought she had a romantic relationship and let’s not forget about the fact that she ties in the drug distribution scheme. But moreover, his wife is in the back of that courtroom and she’s on a witness stand talking about their romantic relationship. No Bueno as far as that is going.

Shepard Smith: You know a couple days ago we get testimony from someone who says, yeah, the cartel under El Chapo, paid off the Mexican leader, paid a silencio [?], gave him a hundred million dollars. To hear it on the stand was quite something but that’s an open secret down in Mexico. What are the concern levels? I mean I hear from five, six o’clock in the morning that the security over in Brooklyn for this thing is unprecedented.

Robert Bianchi: Shep, it is probably the most breathtaking corruption schemes at the highest level, from the President, as it is believed. To the federal Drug Enforcement Authorities in Mexico, State and local police that were frustrating United States from, you know, being able to capture him at certain times turning them away, judges being bribed, it went everywhere. So, this is like something that you really can’t believe. And I got to be honest with you, these agents that went in there and interdicted and are testifying right now. I got to tell you, I’ve seen mob cases, I’ve been involved in mob cases and things of that nature, this is the real deal because he’s guys up and down have a lot of money to buy a lot of power if it’s to be believed.

Shepard Smith: What with the pace of the trial when do we think we might get to the end of this thing? Any idea?

Robert Bianchi: You know, I think they’re getting towards the end with respect to these kinds of witnesses.

Shepard Smith: We’re not going to hear from El Chapo right?

Robert Bianchi: You know, the defense actually did something very interesting they put El Chapo on a witness list, which is very unusual. So, we don’t know if he’s going to testify but he may be a witness, but I think it would be insane to do that because then the prosecution can take all that other evidence that they’ve already gotten and they can continue to cross examine him on it. Where the defense’s argument is, this isn’t El Chapo, this is a viable drug lord that’s doing this, they’re doing things on behalf of him, and that the United States government and the Mexican authorities are corrupt. They want to go after El Chapo but he’s not the real target. He gets on the stand it could blow that.

Shepard Smith: Yeah, that’s quite a tale there, I mean would require a lot of people involved-

Robert Bianchi: Especially because the defense attorneys cross examining El Chapo about the fact that apparently, Pena Nieto, if it’s to be believed wanted two hundred and fifty million dollars and that they negotiated it down to a hundred million dollars. Why would the defense be bringing that out because it shows your guy, your client, has a hundred million dollars to pay off the Mexican President? To me, that seems counterintuitive to say he’s innocent.

Shepard Smith: Doesn’t sound like they have a lot of routes to travel here. Bob, thanks.