Emergent Applications 3/25/2020

Dear Colleague:
The above link is from the NJ AOC relevant to the filing of EMERGENT APPLICATIONS during the COVID-19 court shutdown.
This Order is probably most relevant to family and criminal law practitioners.  We thought it would be of assistance to you on emergent matters that may arise with your clients.
On criminal cases (many of which arise out of domestic violence context), if a criminal warrant complaint is filed, the defendant is jailed until a first appearance which is heard within 48 hours via video conferencing.
We have experienced that the logistical process for the handling of these first appearances is different from county to county.
If you should have one of these cases and need any advice on how to proceed, please feel free to contact us at our office.
If we can be of help with any of your clients that are in need of services for domestic violence, criminal defense, or municipal court, we are available via the phone, email, Zoom, and/or Skype.
Hoping you all are well during this difficult time!
Bob Bianchi
Dave Bruno