Family of R Kelly Alleged Sex Slave Wants a Meeting With Her! I Interview the Family’s Lawyer on Law & Crime Network. So interesting!!!

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Family of R Kelly’s Alleged Sex Slave Wants a Meeting With Her

January 16th, 2019

Robert Bianchi: Welcome back to the Law and Crime Network, it is never, never, an unbusy day here. You guys may have been listening about this R. Kelly thing, honestly, I didn’t know who the guy was until last week but I read a number of articles about him. And, you may know, that there is a lot of controversy here with regard to young ladies that are supposedly staying with him, as to whether or not they’ve been abducted or haven’t been abducted. I know it’s a controversial and a very hot subject for many. From what I understand, for many of the families of these young ladies they are saying that this is completely out of character that they wouldn’t have contact with them. There have been many, many, years of issues, there was a child pornography charge with R. Kelly, years ago for which he was acquitted. There have been a number of instances of people alleging bad behavior. We have two very special guests here, and if you, well right now, one very special guest. Is an attorney for Jocelyn Savage, who is one of the young ladies, and her dad Timothy Savage hasn’t seen her in two years. And they want to speak to Jocelyn, they want to make sure Jocelyn’s okay, they want to make sure Joycelyn’s not under Stockholm syndrome or something of that nature. And so, they hired a lawyer it’s Gerald Griggs esquire and they had sent a demand letter to R. Kelly’s lawyer saying they demand to speak to Joycelyn. Mister Griggs, thank you so much for agreeing to appear on the show.

Gerald Griggs: Thank you for having me.

Robert Bianchi: So, give me a little background here, did I did I get it right? I mean this segment just landed on my desk a couple minutes ago, because you guys were so gracious to come here and I know it’s a hot subject matter. What are your fears? What are your thoughts? What is dad asking you to do?

Gerald Griggs: Yeah, the dad is asking me to reunite his daughter with his family. They haven’t seen her in two years. We reached out to Mr. Kelly, and Mr. Kelly’s camp, multiple times over the last year, almost five times. And then we heard his new lawyer on national television saying nobody’s reached out. So, we sent a demand letter directly to him requesting that he place Joycelyn Savage on the first plane to Atlanta so they can meet with her and establish whether or not she is in a consensual relationship, which we believe she is not with Mr. Kelly, and get to the bottom of what’s happening.

Robert Bianchi: Mr. Griggs, how old is Joycelyn?

Gerald Griggs: She’s twenty-three years old.

Robert Bianchi: Okay, so she was certainly twenty-one or so, age of majority when she wound up with this R. Kelly guy. I’m just curious, what makes people think, and I I’m just asking a question many are asking, that there’s something interred going on here. Is it because it’s uncustomary that she would reach out, like, is there any kind of evidence that you have that makes it appear that she’s being held against her will?

Gerald Griggs: Yes, we have witnesses, we have text messages, we have video that beg to show the question of whether or not her staying with Mr. Kelly is voluntary, but we want to make very clear that we just want to speak to her at this point. We want to have sustained contact with her physical to determine her physical wellbeing, her mental wellbeing, and to determine whether or not the claims that we are getting about her with Mr. Kelly on tour or not, but we are asking again. Where he can place her with direct contact with her family, so we can determine what actually happened.

Robert Bianchi: Mr. Griggs, this obviously is a case that captured the nation’s attention very, very, interesting and fascinating. You indicated that you had some information or some data that led you to believe there could be some foul play, what is that exactly?

Gerald Griggs: Witnesses, digital evidence, video evidence, she’s spoken with numerous people and sent numerous text messages that indicate that something is going on and we want to get to the bottom of what that is.

Robert Bianchi: Yeah, and you’re saying that Joycelyn is actually communicated to these witnesses or sent text messages, is that correct?

Gerald Griggs: Yes, in the past she has.

Robert Bianchi: Okay, is these are any reason why she wouldn’t have done the same thing with her parents?

Gerald Griggs: That’s a good question, I think only she can answer that, that’s why her parents are trying everything they know how. They’ve contacted Mr. Kelly’s two previous managers, his two previous attorneys and now this third attorney, directly to set up a meeting. We’ve gone to law enforcement to make sure we can accomplish a meeting. And we will continue to cooperate with law enforcement to resolve this case as soon as possible.

Robert Bianchi: Mr. Griggs, the text messages and communications that she’s having with these other witnesses are they from her phone or from somebody else’s phone?

Gerald Griggs: They’re from her previous phone she has now a new phone because that phone had been turned off, we believe by Mr. Kelly.

Robert Bianchi: And can you give me an idea of the nature of what’s going in those communications that lead one to believe there’s foul play going on?

Gerald Griggs: Well, she told one of her best friend that she is in fact being held against her will, and she’s in a sex cult. So, that’s just one of three or four witnesses that we have that have spoken directly to her, either over the phone or via text over the past two years.

Robert Bianchi: So, there is a direct communication at least one direct communication maybe you can illuminate if there’s more, where she is clearly indicating she’s being held against her will, is that correct?

Gerald Griggs: That is correct, that’s absolutely correct, and I have provided that witness directly to law enforcement.

Robert Bianchi: Can I ask you Sir, what has been the response from law enforcement and that’s a pretty I assume by the way you’ve captured that text on the other end to whoever that was sent to, has law enforcement had an opportunity to review it and can you tell us are you satisfied with what their response to this has been? Because my question becomes, as former Prosecutor myself, if there is a problem here and there is a sex cult, you know, going on, and individuals are being advised, told or telling that they’re being held against their will, that they’re continuing to be victimized, what’s law enforcement’s response to this?

Gerald Griggs: Not quite sure, it took a docuseries, a six-part docuseries for them to open actual criminal investigation. So, I’m not completely satisfied with the response law enforcement but we continue to get witnesses in place of law enforcement. And hopefully, law enforcement will do their job, but there are at least three direct witnesses who have spoken directly to Joycelyn Savage, where she’s indicated in the past that she was being held against her will and that she was a member of this terror.

Robert Bianchi: Mr. Griggs are you aware from your investigation and what you’re trying to find out here, whether or not there’s other similar evidence with others similarly situated women that’s consistent with Joycelyn, i.e. being held against their will?

Gerald Griggs: Absolutely, I mean I think the six-part docuseries kind of laid it right on out, opening and closing statements, and evidence in the middle. I think any Prosecutor can put the witnesses that were in the documentary as well the other witnesses that we have and get a conviction.

Robert Bianchi: So, you’ve seen the documentary, I haven’t seen it but for our audience that has not seen it, is your opinion based upon your own independent investigation that that documentary was accurate?

Gerald Griggs: Absolutely.

Robert Bianchi: Okay, and have you dealt with, are you dealing with police or just Prosecutors in this case?

Gerald Griggs: Both, we’ve dealt in the past with Johns Creek police department and now we’re currently dealing with the State’s Attorney’s office in Chicago, as well as the Chicago District Attorney’s office, and I must admit, they are being very forthcoming. And we’ve proved them with evidence but I think that you know the ship is already sailed on this. When Lifetime placed that docuseries out there that was very well put together. But that was the third docuseries, there was one by Buzzfeed, there’s one by the BBC, actually two by the BBC, and there have been exposes that outline the last twenty-five years if incident. So, there are definitely some more transactions all over the place with this. And now they have victims.

Robert Bianchi: Mr. Griggs, explain to me legally this demand letter and whether or not it has any jural affect? Another words, can you take action in court based upon what you’re doing now, you personally?

Gerald Griggs: No, we can’t because we don’t have the victim, but what we can do is continue to show that Mr. Kelly’s lawyer made some factually inaccurate statements. And now, we are trying to show that is not a consensual relationship, because if it was consensual, she would get in touch with her parents, and we will be at the end of this. But if it is nonconsensual, then they’ll be solace, just like a has been, for the last twenty-four hours after it was said.[?]

Robert Bianchi: Mr. Griggs, what concerns me, if I were to accept your version of the documentary series, and I have no reason to dispute it, I don’t know the facts, but that as a Prosecutor myself getting back to the point that these women are continuing each and every day, every minute, every second, to continue to be victimized. Do you know whether or not law enforcement or the Prosecutor’s office has gone in to at least interview Mr. Kelly?

Gerald Griggs: I think that they had a wellness check which was very curious to say the least, in his Chicago apartment at Trump Tower, where they interviewed the victims and the perpetrators in the same location. Now, you have been a Prosecutor, and me have been a Defense Attorney for almost fourteen years. I’ve never heard of anything like that. You separate them, you take him to the station, you make sure they are not in the same vicinity and you ask questions. It didn’t seem like Chicago did that, so I’m definitely concerned about the nature of the investigation that’s happened right now. But we will continue to cooperate to make sure that they have all of the witnesses, so that they can make a thorough determination. And if they don’t make a thorough determination, then we will.

Robert Bianchi: Well, Mr. Griggs, I agree with you a hundred percent with respect to interviewing somebody in front of the alleged abuser that’s basic, not bad investigation 101. Just real quick, was that interview done it with Mr. Kelly and those girls, prior to the documentary or afterwards?

Gerald Griggs: This was after the documentary, I mean nobody was really taking these allegations serious until after the documentary. So, after the documentary they got a tip that he was holding individuals against their will, they went and did a wellness check, and they interviewed him and the two individuals who have now been later identified by news media and said everything was fine. And I found it curious that they interviewed them in the same location at the same time.

Robert Bianchi: Was Joycelyn one of those people interviewed?

Gerald Griggs: I haven’t independently been able to verify that. Media reports are saying that it was her.

Robert Bianchi: Yeah, and interestingly, you also provided to the police and Prosecutors these witnesses that have text messages from her, indicating she’s being held against her will, correct?

Gerald Griggs: Yes, that’s correct.

Robert Bianchi: Well, Mr. Griggs, listen I think that you’re doing a tremendous work here, if in fact these girls are being victimized, it is amazing. There is not a more appropriate law enforcement response to it, interviewing people in the presence of the alleged abuser is simply Neanderthalish as far as investigations are concerned. And it sounds like you have some pretty solid evidence, that at least with respect to Joycelyn, there’s an issue there. So, Sir, I wish you the best of luck and please come back to the Law and Crime Network and update us. We would love to have you back on again, even with the father too. We would love to see what his point of view is.

Gerald Griggs: Okay, I’ll definitely keep you guys updated and thank you for allowing us to be on your platform.

Robert Bianchi: God bless, Mr. Griggs. Good luck to you, Sir. Guys it’s a hot day here at the Law and Crime Network, we got some great trials going on. And we got to take a break, but stick with me, and get in the chat room if you’re not in there already.