Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq., joined co-guest Lis Wiehl, Esq., and Fox News Happening Now host Gregg Jarrett to discuss 2 legal topics. The first involves a ruling by a federal court that a man whose emails were intercepted by the FBI in a plot to blow up a building, were lawfully seized, and therefore constitutionally used at his trial where he was convicted and is serving a life sentence.  The ruling comes at a time when the courts are now grappling as to the legal extent that law enforcement may seize electronic records of a citizen without a warrant under federal law.  As a former NJ county prosecutor and now NJ criminal defense attorney, it is my belief that the use of such data is essential to stop terrorism.  But, it needs to be balanced to ensure that it targets those intent on committing crimes and not simply forage into otherwise innocent people’s lives.  This ruling set an important tone in balancing those interests.

The other case discussed was the propriety of school officials imposing exercise against kids that were being punished and then threatening to arrest any parents who appeared at the school to inquire as to the appropriateness of that punishment.

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