Possession of controlled dangerous substances simply means having an illegal substance on your person or in your possession some other way, such as in your home or in your vehicle. The term possession also signifies an intentional control and dominion of a prescribed narcotic drug accompanied by knowledge of its character.

In New Jersey, Possession of Controlled Dangerous Substances is one of the most commonly occurring charges in New Jersey Superior and Municipal courts across the state.

What Is Possession With The Intent to Sell?

An individual may be charged for possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell even if there is no knowledge of a sale taking place. Intent to sell is determined by circumstantial evidence gathered at the scene. For example, if an individual is caught in their car with a bag of marijuana, additional empty bags and a scale, the circumstantial evidence alleges that you may have had intention to sell the drugs. Even if the drug was intended to be distributed for free, such as among other passengers in the vehicle, intent to distribute is still illegal and you may be held accountable.

What About “Criminal” Drug Possession?

Criminal drug possession with intent to sell carries a heavier sentence than a simple possession charge. An individual convicted of possession with intent to sell will likely face a lengthy jail sentence. The sentence will increase depending on the severity of your specific case. For example, an individual caught with a few grams of marijuana and a handful of bags will likely have a shorter sentence than an individual selling heroin or methamphetamine by the pound. Because different drugs are assigned different schedules, the penalties that accompany each vary.

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How Can an Attorney Help?

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