Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Law


The escalation of coronavirus (COVID-19) will be ongoing for many months. The attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group, LLC., desire to keep you apprised of the many legal issues that are already developing due to this crisis.
Knowing we will eventually get beyond all of this, there are sure to be rippling effects that the legal system will have to handle during and after this outbreak.
As your community partner, we desire to assist you with prompt responses and guidance during these evolving developments. It is imperative throughout this time period to keep in mind that we can do things to protect ourselves. We all will try hard to take action on the things we can control, and not worry excessively over the things we cannot.
Our law firm has seen an escalation of cases in our areas of practice–criminal defense, white collar defense, domestic violence, & municipal court.
This comes as no surprise as our experience as former prosecutors when widespread community disasters occurred informs us that people often get stressed to a point of doing things that run afoul of the law.  This can happen to anyone, including family and friends.
While we will endeavor to keep you apprised of developments within our practice area(s), it is important to remember that government agencies have begun, and will continue, to impose restrictions the violation of which can result in fines and penalties up to and including jail time.
To date, what we see as most problematic are instances of domestic violence.  Regrettably, we expect domestic violence cases will escalate during this crisis. In addition, we have seen an escalation of price gouging, assaults, and yes, even hate crimes.  As government strains to deal with this crisis, invariably we will be dealing with a deluge of charges for violations of those government restrictions.
So, keep in mind that this will end, despite things looking bleak.  During these stressors you, or someone you know, may consider reaching out to mental health caretakers who can assist you. You can find links to resources at
Should you, or someone you know, need the services of our NJ Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys, and former prosecutors, we would be honored to assist you.
Robert A. Bianchi