Reducing your charges is one of the main benefits of working with a criminal defense attorney. When an outright dismissal is not possible, your criminal defense lawyer will build a strong case for your defense and help to plead your stance in court before a judge.

If you have been accused of or arrested for a criminal act, you need to schedule a consultation with a lawyer right away. The quicker you get the help of an attorney, the better your chances of having your charges reduced.

How Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Work to Minimize Penalties or Dismiss Charges?

Never fight against a criminal charge alone. By putting your case in the capable hands of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you are providing yourself the best possible advantage towards having a successful resolution.

Our lawyers will work to leverage the facts of your case and apply New Jersey state and federal where applicable. Your lawyer will compile and assess the evidence of the crime allegedly committed and use the facts of the situation to defend your actions before a judge. Your attorney may, depending on the circumstances of your situation,

The Bianchi Law Group, LLC takes an aggressive and tactical defense approach from your very first consultation to the end of the legal proceedings. Our skilled team of attorneys will guide you through the litigation process with competency, concern and confidence.

What Are the Penalties I May Face if Found Guilty of a Criminal Act?

Criminal punishments are categorized into felonies and misdemeanors. The court will decide if the crime you are accused of is a misdemeanor or felony by assessing the mitigating circumstances that surround it. For example, an assault case may be constituted a felony if the aggressor used a deadly weapon or another type of excessive force.

Misdemeanors are backed by smaller penalties, which may include simply a monetary fine, community service, or court-mandated therapy. Misdemeanors are treated as a less severe crime, and therefore have less demanding consequences. A felony, however, may affect your ability to hold certain jobs in the future. The penalty for a felony can include all of the aforementioned penalties of a misdemeanor such as monetary fines, community service and therapy, but also often require a lengthy jail or prison sentence. Some criminal felony penalties are difficult to reduce, so it’s crucial that you contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to get started on a strong case for defense.

The Bianchi Law Group, LLC is a highly skilled group of criminal defense attorneys that are dedicated to fighting for assured New Jersey residents. If you have been accused of a criminal act, contact our team of attorneys right away. It may be possible to have your penalties reduced.

What Help is Available?

The partners of The Bianchi Law Group, LLC are both former prosecutors who have handled the investigations and prosecutions of crimes in New Jersey and are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys, an elite group that is comprised of only 250 attorneys out of approximately 98,000 attorneys practicing within the State of New Jersey.