Today on Law & Crime Report, Bob Bianchi and panel discuss the latest in the biggest legal news around the country. Our headline story involves Scott Peterson who now faces a review of his conviction due to a prejudicial juror. The case has been remanded back to a lower court to determine if the potentially prejudicial juror caused an unfair trial the first time around. If it is found to be true, a retrial may be granted. The family of his murdered wife expressed their disgust at the possibility of another trial. The state of California has a November 13 deadline to make a decision.

The panel also analyzes what it will be like if this case has to be retried. The defense already knows the prosecution’s goals, approach, and tactics and beyond that, the case is nearly two decades old, meaning that many witnesses and memories are less likely to be sharp and accurate. These all pose problems for the prosecution. Currently, the prosecution is arguing that there is precedent for overturning sentencing but not a conviction.

In real-time, LCR evaluates the Danny Masterson case as attorneys argue for and against dismissal. The judge on the case goes down the line of defense motions for dismissal and denies one by one with reasons given.

In other news, a man was arrested after allegedly trying to kidnap the Wichita mayor over a mask mandate, the US schedules its first federal execution of a woman in nearly 70 years, a man with a torch charges an officer and lights a police car on fire, and “Home Improvement” actor allegedly strangled his girlfriend.