Law & Crime Report: Breonna Taylor; Three Grand Jury Members Look To Impeach KY Attorney General

On this episode of the Law & Crime Report, host Bob Bianchi and guests Julie Rendelman and Gene Rossi discuss some of the biggest headlines in legal news today. Most notably, the latest happenings in the case of the shooting of Breonna Taylor, where at least 3 grand jury members are calling for the impeachment of the Kentucky Attorney General. They claim, among other things, that the AG did not even present them with the possibility of indicting the officers involved on any charges involving Breonna’s death. Their statements also state that the AG abused his power and accuse him of being involved in the insurrection at the US Capitol.

The panel discusses the unprecedented nature of this entire situation. Not only were the grand jury proceedings not recorded as is typical, but now members of the jury are making their concerns known about the conduct of the attorney general. This sticky situation brings up some major concerns when it comes to elected officials who are in charge of legal matters as important as justice in a fatality. It seems clear to the panel that the AG in Kentucky was playing politics when he claimed that the grand jury would hear evidence regarding the death of Breonna which, as it turns out, was a lie. One clear truth exists, trust has been breached in this case and therefore the current results feel faulty.

Another headline involves the case of Kyle Rittenhouse who drove to Kenosha, WI armed and wound up shooting and killing 2 people and injuring others. After making bail based on donations pouring in from “fans”, he was photographed making white supremacist hand signals at a bar while drinking. Rossi points out that these images will likely haunt Rittenhouse at trial.

The panel wraps up the episode by discussing a disturbing video of a police vehicle plowing through a crowd of people who had surrounded the vehicle. Also, certain individuals involved in the Capitol insurrection are being charged with insurrection and sedition. Finally, the “Black Widower” has appeared in court for the first time since being granted a new trial in the case of his 6th wife.