More Millennials are staying home with their parents. We discuss the topic with a young man that is doing so to save money. I say more power to them, keep the family together for as long as possible. What are your thoughts?

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#Millennials Stay Home with Parents as Adults

January 4th, 2019

Bill Spadea: It appears that more and more twenty somethings are heading back to the nest after college, and some of those making the choice might just surprise you. Case in point, Phillip Lindsey or rookie star for the Denver Broncos who lives comfortably in his mom and dad’s basement. So, why are some millennials making the choice? Joining us now a young man with a story much like Philip Lindsey and I’d this name is Billy McAllister. Like Phillip Lindsey, he’s home, unlike Phillip Lindsey he’s not on the National Football League. Welcome to the show, and first of all, tell us a little bit about yourself and why you opted to move back home?

Billy McAllister: Yeah so, I’m Bill McAllister, I went to school at St. Joseph’s University Philadelphia. I just graduated this past May, with an accounting finance and risk management insurance degree. And why did I opt to stay at home? So, when thinking about it, you know, everyone when graduating college, you know, they want to live in the city, and be with their friends, that it’s such a fun and exciting experience. But something that I took into consideration, especially with my accounting and finance background, is that having to save money, you know, so I decided to stay at home and save the money but then eventually in a year or two that I’d be able to buy my own place in Philadelphia or New Jersey.

Bill Spadea: Well, I know the old theory is that you know your family always has to take you back but I’m assuming your mom was quite happy to have you back in the house?

Billy McAllister: Yeah, my mom was definitely quite happy to have me back, especially since I’m an only child, she’s helping make lunches and cooking me dinner, she loved it so. She loves having me back.

Billy Spadea: Well, let me ask you quickly because you know there is a millennial stereo type of kids that don’t move out because they’re lazy. You seem to be very highly motivated, you’ve got a degree, you’ve got a plan, how about deal with that stereotype? Do you get that once in a while? And does it bother you at all?

Billy McAllister: I think when people hear my explanation behind why I’m living at mom, is because I’m saving and trying to eventually get my own place, makes them-

Bill Spadea: Billy, hang with us. In a few minutes we’re going to bring in two people who are not living at home with mom now but would have probably done it at some point after they graduated college. Former Prosecutor and current Defense Attorney Bob Bianchi, and social commentator Lisa Durden, Bob, we’ll start with you. Is it cool, that you can go home again?

Robert Bianchi: Stay home for as long as possible you know, a serious story, my dad was so angry at my mother who was kind of trying to push me out. He felt that he should be in a family with the family, like he was, his great grandfather’s, his grandfather’s father, the family unit kept together but this kid Billy, I got to show mad respect. He’s doing it for dollars, I stayed home really long for meatballs, chicken cutlet, homemade pasta. And I saved no money. I saved nothing, I got fat, that’s all I did. But you know, I miss being, I miss being home with my parents. I don’t know why millennials have to feel or anybody has to feel we should be for some reason, pushed out the door into the quote, unquote, real world. Stay in the womb for as long as you can. You know why? Because nothings more important than family.

Bill Spadea: Lisa, what’s your take on all this?

Lisa Durden: Now, it’s weird, my father was an old country man from Georgia. He would say, Marjorie, why are these kids still in the house till the age of eighteen, that’s too much education? My mom would say, JC, just let the kids live. So, like I’m that kid that came back home after being out on my own because I wanted to save money to buy a house. I wasn’t a lazy lima bean, I saved a little coin and I think I stayed for about a year and I saved up my coin and bought a house.

Bill Spadea: Billy, you know, really quick, how do you feel about this and what’s your plan now? I mean do you have a schedule?

Bill McAllister: Well, I tried to plan it out for myself, but I’m hoping to buy a house, after next season, so it’s March of 202, is when I’m going to start looking. Because I have to buy some money saved from when I worked while in high school, worked while in college, and now with my real-world job. I’m saving even more coins than I was back then.

Bill Spadea: All right Billy, hey great stuff, really appreciate your chiming in with us today. Billy McAllister, he’s a stay at home kid who’s got a plan and he’s making some money so good luck to you, Happy New Year. A plus panel, some applause for him for his hard work.

Robert Bianchi: All right.

Lisa Durden: Save those coins.