Anthony Comello is charged in New York with killing mob boss Frank (Frankie Boy) Cali. Comello shot Cali 10 times. Some are saying the motive for the first mob shooting of a “boss” in decades, was due to Cali refusing him to date his niece. Many do not believe this is the true motive and think a deeper, more mob like reason is at play. We discuss it on HLN with Mike Galanos.

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Mob boss killed- Mafia sanctioned death penalty awaits shooter #HLNTV

March 25th, 2019

Mike Galanos: Let’s bring in Bob Bianchi’s, he’s the host of Law and Crime Network, also former head Prosecutor for Morris County New Jersey. All right, what do you think sanctioned closet kid or a hot head who’s mad at a reputed mob boss?

Robert Bianchi: Well, we got to obviously, wait for the investigation to unfold, but if I were to give you my TV read of this Mike, I find this to be probably an organized sanctioned kid and I say that on a number of reasons. There’s been some friction within the family if you will, the Gambino family with Cali’s rise, there’s been tensions between them, so there’s motivation there. And the other thing was just to just look at the kid in the court room, the smirk the just the whole like disregard for the process, he’s not known to necessarily be a person that is mentally ill, but it would be very difficult for me to believe that this was just a random act of violence. Could it be? Yeah, but as a Prosecutor, as a law enforcement officer, I’m going to dot I’s and cross T’s, certainly when you’re dealing with organized crime, to make sure that this was not made to look like something that was random when in fact it was an organized hit.

Mike Galanos: You pointed it out and I was stunned to, to see his demeanor in court. He’s smirking, he’s mugging in the camera, he’s laughing at one point, and then he’s got the scribbles on his hand. What do you make of it, it’s like he’s not even taking this seriously?

Robert Bianchi: Yeah, I mean the scribbles on his hand would be something that’s inconsistent to me to be somebody that was you know, he just could be a person that was motivated easily, manipulated, you don’t know whether somebody, he owed money, gambling debt. These are all things I’d look into whether or not he owed money for drugs, to see whether or not somebody prevailed upon him, that to relieve you of your responsibility for these things and all of your other crazy behavior, and he’s kind of a crazy guy, these are the kind of guys they would solicit to do something like this, to make it look like it was something random. But, you know, the bottom line is going to be that he is an important source of data for law enforcement. I’m sure they’ll be looking into all sorts of areas to see whether or not he was connected, but that stuff, the mac and stuff on his hand written in there, obviously particular stuff. And one of the questions I had was, how did this guy have access to a pen? Given the fact that a mob guy was hit, he’s in a facility where you should not be able to have something like that. And it was all scribbled all over his hand. It was just a side bar there that was odd.

Mike Galanos: Interesting, you know, he’s not fighting back extradition go back to New York, so you got to think there might be a few from the Gambino family in lock up. How much danger is this guy in?

Robert Bianchi: Significant danger, it’s just a matter of time, it’s just a question of whether or not they want to get him sooner, or they want to get him later, they want to torture him before they get to him. I actually work with a business, a prison consultant that actually served time, he talks about cases like this all the time. And the fact of the matter is, you got a two front war you’re fighting there because with all due respect to law enforcement, which I greatly support, you know you have guards too that may possibly be influenced or motivated to do certain things like turn the other way. And when you’re in that environment you can even be locked down in segregation, Mike, and it’s just a matter of time, if they want to get to you, then they will get to you through your food, they get to you by infecting you, with people with Aids and that nature. Or they may want him with the mob or in an organized related structure that’s in jail, they’re going to get him.

Mike Galanos: Wow, well, Bob always appreciate having you on board. Appreciate it.