Criminal Attorneys, Executive Legal Protection and Your Business

June 22, 2020. On a recent episode of Morning Meeting with Julio Briones, Bob Bianchi and David Bruno were invited to provide their insight about hiring an attorney, what to look for in a quality attorney, and what the Bianchi Law Group does specifically better than other criminal defense firms.

At the outset of this episode, Bob describes the importance of hiring an attorney with the experience and specialization within the area of law germane to the case.  In the legal world there are a variety of nuanced areas of law, so hiring the right attorney for the job will produce the most advantageous results in the end.

In New Jersey, there are a set of standards and qualifications that an attorney must meet to have the designation of “Certified” in an area of practice.  This, Bianchi says, means that the attorney has gone through rigorous vetting, testing, and certification through the state Supreme Court to prove that they are, in fact, highly proficient at trying the types of cases that pertain to your needs. Only about 250 attorneys in the state of New Jersey have received such certification.

All the attorneys at The Bianchi Law Group are Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys.  Beyond this, Bianchi says “that hiring former prosecutors, like those at Bianchi Law Group, gives you a better chance at having an attorney who understands the other side of the game.”

David Bruno expanded on how the Bianchi Law Group approaches taking on cases, detailing the firm’s aggressive and compassionate client advocacy from criminal defense to restraining orders. Considering recent events with Covid-19, Briones asked the two attorneys if new and different types of clients are emerging.  Bianchi described a great many criminal situations that can arise out of the abundance of stress that the pandemic has caused.

During this time, choosing the right attorney could not be more important. In terms of businesses, having a list of your professionals to call when the need arises, is paramount. As Bruno points out, in New Jersey, bail is no longer based on monetary assets, but on risk assessment. Additionally, it is important to understand that most or all court proceedings are taking place remotely via video conferencing apps.

To wrap up, Bianchi and Bruno give some parting wisdom for any business or individual who may be facing legal concerns during these unprecedented times. Breathe. Think before you speak. And procure the best legal representation possible, as quickly as possible.