My, Oh my, Denzel Washington you are the Man! It is so true that we cannot take with us the things we thought we so desperately needed as we journeyed through our lives. On our deathbeds, should we have the time to reflect upon the final meaning of our lives, we will only count the times we made others more joyful, the times we were authentic, the times we loved without strings attached. We will hopefully be able to say that we did our best to appreciate our health, the beauty of what the earth has to offer, the times we “leaned into” the blessings that life gave to us as a gift, and discounted the difficulties with vigor. To aspire each day to know that we took all of those present moments–some harsh, some kind–and with gratitude did the best we could to improve the lives of others will be the road map to a time at the end when we can say, “I lived a life worth living.” As Denzel states, there is no U-haul behind our hearse, that is for sure. But, the good you do, the love you gave to others, and the forgiveness and mercy you shared free of charge, will always live on. And then, you can say at the end, “My life had true meaning and significance. My life was well-lived!”

Thank you, Denzel Washington for such an inspirational video.

Bob Bianchi