Order Sons and Daughters of Italy in America

February 18, 2021

Bob Bianchi appears on this episode of OSDIA Interviews LIVE! to chat with Joe Piscopo, an Italian-American comedian, actor, and radio host known for his years as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live. Especially exciting for the hosts, Joe Piscopo is a Jersey native.

Throughout this episode, Piscopo discusses some of the many social issues he sees facing the Italian-American community both historically and presently. Beyond that, of course there is discussion around the issues literally plaguing us all these days, the pandemic, political strife, and balancing all of the aspects of the strange new world we are entering.

At the end of the show, Bob fires off some speed round questions to Joe in order to, once and for all, settle the score on some of the questions New Jersians have been debating forever. So, here it is, Joe’s picks for the most burning NJ debates: Dickie Dee’s pizza, pork rolls, Yankees, Passaic (Joe’s home county), Sinatra, Bruce Springsteen, and perhaps the most pressing issue, according to Joe, it’s gravy, not sauce.