‘Trump is Commander in Chief, Not Swami in Chief’

Fox Happening Now 4 3 17 Trump Civil Suit Jon ScottRobert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq., yesterday indicated that President Trump is Commander in Chief, not Swami in Chief.”  The comment was in response to a debate on Fox News Happening Now with host Jon Scott and co-guest, Fred Tecce.

In Kentucky, a federal judge did not throw out a lawsuit that alleges that at a Trump rally during the campaign, President Trump yelled to the audience to get a protester “out.”  3 members of the audience of thousands, wrongly assaulted the plaintiffs.  The judge ruled that Trump’s words were capable of causing a riot and that he may in part be responsible for the assaults.

2017-04-04_164603Bianchi states that at this stage of the litigation it is very hard to get a case thrown out.  However, Bianchi states that ultimately the case is weak and predicts that President Trump will win the case as he did not, nor could he have known, that people would resort to violence by merely telling people to get them “out.”  Predictability (or foreseeability in the legal world) requires that a  person reasonably knows that their actions will cause harm.  This is why Bianchi stated that President Trump is not the ‘Swami in Chief’ able to predict the actions of a few malcontents, nor should anyone be held to that standard under these circumstances.

Bianchi along with his partner, David Bruno, Esq. are both former NJ Prosecutors and NJ Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys.  They appear to practice in the areas of NJ criminal defense, domestic violence, and municipal court.  They are partners at NJs The Bianchi Law Group, LLC.