CALIFORNIA’S DIRTY POT CRISIS: Bob Bianchi on Fox News @ Night discusses 100’s of marijuana retail stores have been hit with product labeling violations. People are alleging that the pot is tainted with pesticides.  States legalizing marijuana are finding following FDA and state regulations are becoming a problem.

Simple solution, follow the law like those that sell all sorts of other products are used to doing.  These new companies need compliance officers to ensure that the marijuana products they sell are properly labeled for public consumption.

Bob Bianchi appears on #FoxNews to discuss marijuana legal woes.
Bob Bianchi appears on #FoxNews to discuss marijuana legal woes with Jonna Spilbor and @EdHenry.

I am still amazed at the copious money being raised to start such businesses given that at any time the federal government could make these businesses well-being very difficult should they choose to enforce the federal law on illegal marijuana dispensaries.  And, this case shows what even citizens that are aggrieved for failing to follow the many regulations for such businesses can do to financially cripple the business.

It was nice to be on @FoxNews @ Night to discuss this with host @EdHenry and @JoannaSpilbor


Bob Bianchi defends The Clean Cannabis Initiative on Fox News Channel with host Ed Henry. There must be proper labels and warnings on these products.

People have the right to know! Why should marijuana be any different than cigarettes as far as product labeling?