Today, we discussed on Fox News with host and guest Doug Burns how Robert Durst is accused of murder of his friend in California. For over 30 years, Robert Durst (17 years of age) was thought to be involved in the murder of at least 3 people. He was once acquitted of one of those charges.

Another “cold case” was reopened after Durst agreed to extensive interviews for a cable TV show about these cases. During one of the segments, Durst made a connection to evidence from years ago that placed him at the scene of the crime. After making this mistake, he went into the bathroom and while his audio mike was on, made some damming statements regarding his responsibility for the murders.

This will be a very interesting case for sure. As a Former New Jersey Prosecutor and now New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney all I can say at this point is that Durst violated the “Golden Rule” i.e. keep your mouth shut. He may have now talked his way into a conviction on what was heretofore an unprovable case. Once again vanity and arrogance is a prosecutor’s greatest investigative tool.

It was also nice to be on the show with Doug Burns who provided excellent commentary and is a great guy. As an added benefit, I saw Judge Napolitano who is an old friend of my father. It was very nice speaking to him. He was always noted for being a great judge in New Jersey. Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked great questions and moderated the debate with skill and poise. Liked Bill’s style of interviewing.

Bob Bianchi