By: Robert A. Bianchi, Esq.:

The Bianchi Law Group is providing this blog post in an attempt to educate the public on the horrors of Drinking and Driving. It often has tragic consequences to the driver, and obviously, to the victims and their families. We would ask that you share this blog post with everyone you know, especially our youth. See recent case here –

As a Prosecutor, these were the hardest cases by far that we handled. We realized that otherwise good, law abiding people were subjected to major state prison sentences for a singular act based upon their bad choices, that had tragic consequences. It is difficult to explain the anguish, anger, sense of loss that the families we dealt with had, and we knew as New Jersey Prosecutors that only a lengthy state prison sentence would achieve justice and act as a deterrence.

That said, it was gut wrenching to watch these defendants go to jail for such a long time. Many had such remorse, lost their jobs, families, liberty, and perhaps most importantly, had such remorse and guilt over their actions that it was painful to watch. New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorneys Robert Bianchi and David Bruno have handled many Drinking While Driving fatality cases both as prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. We can attest that these cases are emotionally draining and so sad- – perhaps the saddest in many ways.

So please to all, especially our young, know that you have a choice. Call a family member, a friend, a taxi if you have even had a drink and consider driving!

And again, we ask that you share this post. It may save someone you care about from having to live a life of regret and jail.

© 2015 Robert A. Bianchi, Esq.